5 Best Creams to Lighten Dark Knees & Elbows

Best Creams to Lighten Dark knees & Elbows
Best Creams to Lighten Dark knees & Elbows

Dark Knees & Elbows are caused by hyperpigmentation of the skin. This can result from different things. 

However, the treatment to lighten dark knees & elbows will mainly focus on stopping hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin, resurfacing the skin to get rid of the already darkened skin cells, or a combination of both.

This article contains a few great products that do one or all of these three things. They significantly help to lighten dark knees & elbows, where the skin is sometimes more stubborn than elsewhere on the body. 

1- Hydroquinone Cream For Dark Knees & Elbows

Hydroquinone is the gold standard treatment for hyperpigmentation and it is especially effective for stubborn patches like your knees and elbows.

However, it is a prescription treatment only. The FDA has prohibited the OTC sale of hydroquinone. This means you cannot buy products at a regular pharmacy or retail outlet containing any amount of hydroquinone.

If you do find them, then they are not FDA-approved or tested and are probably not safe for your skin. 

To obtain this treatment, you will need to visit a dermatologist, have a consultation, and have them prescribe the cream to you based on how your visit goes. 

Specifically, Tri-Luma is the ONLY hydroquinone-containing product that is FDA-approved. This means that you should not be getting any other brand or kind of hydroquinone cream from your dermatologist. 

Regardless of the limitations, however, if you do use this cream, you should see visible results on your skin within weeks of consistent use. And being guided by your dermatologist gives you the best chance of figuring out what concentration, frequency of use, and other steps are best for your skin.

For More Details check out our article: A Guide to Using Hydroquinone for Dark Knees & Elbows

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2- Kojie San Lotion

The Kojie San lotion contains a blend of Kojic Acid, Rose Hip Oil, Niacinamide, Collagen, Vitamin E and other skin conditioning ingredients. It is comfortable to wear on the skin and works gradually. I usually apply it at night to avoid sun exposure.

It can be paired with the Kojie San soap, but using both may be too much for some people’s skin all at once. 

You can Click here to see the Kojie San Lotion on Amazon.

3- Koji White Skin Brightening Body Lotion For Dark Knees & Elbows

This Koji lotion contains a blend of kojic acid, vitamin E, coconut oil, olive oil, citric acid, glycerin, urea, arbutin, glutathione, and other skincare ingredients. It is lightweight and comfortable.

It does take longer to work on the skin than the Kojie San Lotion but from experience, it is more gentle for people with sensitive skin. The size of the bottle goes a long way too!

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4- Advanced Clinicals Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Cream

The Advanced Brightening cream contains Vitamin E, coconut oil, ferulic acid, and PURE Vitamin C. It is gentle on sensitive skin and works gradually but well. 

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5-Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Milk For Dark Knees & Elbows

Palmer is a milk-like lotion is formulated for use all over the body and is perfect for arms, legs, knees, elbows and decolletage. It is free of Hydroquinone, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, MI, and Dyes. 

However, it does contain:

  • Niacinamide which targets dark spots and discoloration;
  • Retinol which helps improve fine lines;
  • Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant;
  • Songyi Mushroom Extract which balances complexion and restores radiance;
  • Vitamin C which naturally brightens complexion;
  • and Licorice Extract which restores skin’s radiance and glow Enhanced Moisturizers: deeply nourish skin.

Because of its retinol content, I recommend using this at night. And of course, always use sunscreen during the day.

You can Click here to see Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Milk on Amazon.


The creams that I have recommended were chosen based on personal experience from my use and those of others. 

They will work differently (faster or slower) for everyone. Some people may also experience different side effects like irritation or breakouts depending on their skin and sensitivity. 

As usual, I always recommend that you patch-test any product before using it fully. Also always check the ingredients list to make sure there is nothing listed that you might be allergic to. 

If you experience side effects, stop using the product and wash your skin clean. Seek medical attention if irritation or other side effects do not resolve even after you have stopped using the product. 

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