Microneedling For Wrinkles – Everything You Need to Know

Microneedling For Wrinkles – Everything You Need to Know
Microneedling For Wrinkles – Everything You Need to Know

Wrinkles – the bane of our aging existence. While we have not found the fountain of youth, we have managed to find ways to reduce the way our skin looks as we age.

Microneedling is one of the many techniques professionals have discovered and mastered. But can it help with wrinkles? Let’s see what we can understand about wrinkles and microneedling.

How Effective is Microneedling for Wrinkles

Microneedling is a very effective procedure to decrease the presence of wrinkles and the development of new wrinkles on the skin over time. This is because microneedling helps to drastically increase collagen production.

Collagen is what holds the skin firm and tight. When we produce less collagen, our skin is looser and begins to develop lines and folds (wrinkles). 

The more collagen the skin can produce, the more firm it will become over time.

This means that it will be less inclined to develop more fine lines and wrinkles, and it will eventually lose the wrinkles that it already has as the skin sheds and regenerates over time. 

How does Microneedling Treat Wrinkles

Microneedling is a procedure that involves puncturing the skin with small needles using a portable, drum-or pen-shaped instrument that is driven by electricity.

These “micro-injuries” work to stimulate the skin’s natural ability to mend itself through a process known as dermal remodeling.

Inflammation kicks off the process, causing the skin to create new collagen which is the elastic fibers that make skin tight, smooth, and youthful.

Collagen levels in the skin decrease as we age, but new collagen can be created while the skin is in repair mode from microneedling. Citation.

Video Showing Effects of Microneedling PRP FACIAL

Can Microneedling Reverse Wrinkles

Microneedling alone will not get rid of wrinkles. Especially not with just one treatment. This is because wrinkles are folds and depressions in the skin, and they will take time to go away.

People generally do multiple sessions of microneedling and some form of exfoliation (usually chemical peels) to resurface the skin.

The mechanism behind chemical peels is that it removes layers of the skin over time, allowing new, smoother skin to emerge. And microneedling will enhance the strength and firmness of the skin by creating new collagen.

This will cause the new skin to be stronger, have fewer lines, and be less likely to develop new lines and wrinkles.

How Long Does Microneedling Last for Wrinkles

The effects of one session of microneedling are not permanent. The longevity of the results is determined by two factors:

  • The amount of time new collagen stays in your skin
  • And the severity of your skin issues.

People who need to create a lot of collagen to repair serious skin wrinkles will likely get short-term improvements, whilst those with modest wrinkles may see longer-term effects.

The quality and longevity of collagen generated with microneedling are influenced by several factors, including your age, stress level, and skincare routine.

Younger individuals can generate new collagen more easily and keep onto it for longer periods than older folks. Collagen can be broken down more quickly by a hectic lifestyle, cigarette usage, and unprotected sun exposure. Citation.

How Often should you Microneedle for Wrinkles? 

To prevent the development of new wrinkles and to maintain your results, you will most likely need a maintenance regimen when it comes to microneedling. 

Your dermatologist will suggest how often you should have a session done based on your skin and your needs. 

How many sessions you will need before initially seeing any changes in your skin will vary for different people based on your skin type, condition of your skin, genetics, collagen creation ability, lifestyle, etc. 

Generally, though, most people will need more than one session. 

Can Microneedling Treat Forehead Wrinkles

When those looks of surprises turn into rather permanent lines on our forehead, can we turn to microneedling for a fix? 

The answer is yes. Microneedling will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on our foreheads. 

The process is the same as anywhere on the face and microneedling will induce new collagen production under the skin of the forehead as well. This gives the skin a stronger support structure beneath the existing forehead creases, as well as improved flexibility. Citation.

Microneedling Chest Wrinkles

Now here’s something many of us are surprised at! We get wrinkles on our chest too! 

Yes. Yes, we do. We get wrinkles as we age on our necks and chest too. Anywhere that we have skin, we can have wrinkles. So basically, that means, everywhere! 

So can we microneedle our chest as well? Yes, we can. 

However, the thing about microneedling the chest, neck, and even breast area, is that the skin there is very different from the skin on your face. And it will be different for everyone.

It is best to speak to your dermatologist or a professional about having this procedure done so that they may consider any special approaches that might be necessary. Citation.

Microneedling Under Eye Wrinkles

As we age, or even in some young people, the area under our eyes tends to be problematic. Some of us fight dark circles, too visible veins, saggy skin, and the bane we are currently discussing- wrinkles. 

One of the best ways to combat under-eye problems is by having microneedling done by a professional.

Microneedling under your eyes can be combined with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections to stimulate new cell growth and promote healing. Some people also combine microneedling with serums containing vitamin A or vitamin C to boost their results.

Of course, you should never try to microneedle this area on your own. Consult a professional about having this done. Remember that the skin under your eyes is much thinner and much more sensitive than other areas of your face and body. Citation.

Video Showing How Microneedling treats Wrinkles Under the Eye

Derma Roller for Wrinkles

Dermarolling is the DIY version of microneedling. Dermarollers are handheld devices that host rows of tiny needles. They do not penetrate the skin as deeply as microneedling and are easier to use. 

A derma roller can be used to treat wrinkles. However, to get the best benefits, you do need to be consistent, you need to know what you are doing and you need to limit your expectations.

How Effective is a Derma Roller for Wrinkles

When compared to regular microneedling, Derma rollers use smaller needles to form micro pathways in the skin.

This means that Dermarolling will not produce the same effects as a microneedling session. But if you prefer this method, like all things skincare-related, consistency is key.

How to Make Derma Rollers More Effective to Treat Wrinkles

Serums can take advantage of the micro pathways created by the derma roller to go deeper into the body.

This allows for more effective absorption which should cause more noticeable results. Doing this consistently will help with the overall texture and condition of your skin.

It will also help to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it will not get rid of them the way that sessions of microneedling will. Citation.

Can Microneedling Make Wrinkles Worse 

While microneedling is often regarded as the most effective wrinkle therapy, some people have reported greater wrinkling after the procedure. So, can microneedling contribute to the appearance of wrinkles instead of making them better?

The answer is no, and yes. Yes, microneedling can temporarily cause wrinkles, but this is not permanent and will go away. We know this sounds confusing, but hear us out. 

There are a few factors that can contribute to increased wrinkling following microneedling. This is why it is always best to have procedures like this done by professionals, rather than at home by yourself, especially if you are a newbie. 

How Microneedling Can Cause Wrinkles

As a result of the needles pricking your skin and injuring the cells, your skin loses water after microneedling.

And because of this, for the first few days following the treatment, your skin may seem excessively dry, and the wrinkles may appear much worse rather than better. Citation.

This is normal. Any wrinkle that appears immediately after the procedure is just temporary and is not caused by a loss of your skin’s structural integrity.

How to Treat Wrinkles After Microneedling

To manage any wrinkles after microneedling you need to deal with the dryness.

Start by applying a thick layer of moisturizer to your skin. And remember that patience is required to see the benefits of microneedling for wrinkles. The changes are slow and progressive.

What are Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a natural by-product of aging. Skin cells divide more slowly as individuals age, and the dermis, or the main layer of the skin, begins to shrink. Citation.

The main cause of wrinkles is when the network of elastin and collagen fibers loosens and unravels, causing depression on the skin’s surface. This is caused by reduced levels of collagen production.

Other factors that can cause wrinkles are:

  • Aging skin also has a reduced ability to retain moisture, is less effective in secreting oil, and heals more slowly which can also contribute to wrinkling.
  • Researchers also believe that wrinkles grow more noticeable as a result of smiling, frowning, squinting, and other common facial emotions which develop with the aid of gravity over time. Citation.
  • Excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun can cause photoaging or accelerated aging of the skin. UV radiation causes collagen strands to break down, resulting in the creation of aberrant elastin.

Alternative Treatment for Wrinkles

Chemical Peels can be used to treat wrinkles as well – you can click here to learn more.

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