Shaving & Dark Inner Thighs – What You Need To Know

Shaving & Dark Inner Thighs - What You Need To Know
Shaving & Dark Inner Thighs – What You Need To Know

What is the relationship between shaving & dark inner thighs? Should you be shaving your inner thighs? Will shaving make dark inner thighs worse? Or can it cause darkness?

Let’s see how we can find a balance between blissfully hairless thighs and an even skin tone. 

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Can Shaving Cause Dark Inner Thighs

Yes. Shaving can cause dark inner thighs. 

Shaving in general irritates the skin and can cause it to darken. It can also cause razor bumps or ingrown hairs which can leave scars. 

The inner thighs are very sensitive and the skin there is thinner. Shaving with bad razors or unclean tools can also cause infections and breakouts. 

Shaving also causes trauma to the top layer of the skin as it scrapes away some skin cells along with hair, especially if you shave with pressure or you pass your razor multiple times. 

All of these things can cause your skin to darken, which is made even worse if your thighs rub together. The friction slows up healing and worsens the trauma and irritation, worsening the darkness. 

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But Should You Shave Your Inner Thighs?

Whether you should shave your inner thighs or not will vary for every person. Here is what I mean:

If you have thick thighs, then they most likely rub together. When this happens constantly you will find that hair doesn’t really grow in that area. If there is no hair there, or barely any peach fuzz, then you do not need to shave. 

However, if you have thinner thighs that do not rub together, then you might have some hair growth there. In that case, you may need or want to shave it. 

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How To Shave Your Inner Thighs 

If you must shave your inner thighs, here are a few steps to follow to prevent irritation and worsening darkness:

  • Cleanse and exfoliate your skin before shaving – this does not have to be anything harsh. Just gently cleanse and exfoliate the area with a scrub or even a clean loofah. This gets rid of excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells before you go in with your razor. 
  • Choose a good razor – choose a flexible razor that has 3 or more blades and is sharp enough to get every last hair without hooking and tugging. 
  • Make sure that your razor is always clean – use disinfectant sprays or alcohol rubs to spray down your razors before and after each use to make sure that the blades stay germ-free. 
  • Use a good shaving cream – there are many shaving creams designed for sensitive skin that will be great for your inner thighs. Do not shave with bare soap or without any kind of gliding agent on your skin. 
  • After shaving, use a mild toner or cleanser to rinse your skin and moisturize the area well. Many people like to put aloe vera gel to soothe the skin and prevent razor burns. 
  • After shaving, try to allow your thighs to breathe for a bit. Do not cover them in tight clothes or go out into the sun with them exposed right away. And of course, use your SPF if you are going out. 

NOTE: There is no one best razor out there. You have to try different ones and see which ones will work best for your skin. This will depend on how often you use them, how coarse and thick your hair is, and how sensitive your skin is. 

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Laser Treatment For Dark Inner Thighs – What to Know

My Razor Recommendation

Even though razor preferences will differ for everyone, a brand that I have loved since they first came about and I was still figuring out my body hair, is Venus by Gillette. 

They have a wide range of razors for women for your legs, armpits, face, pubes, etc. And their shaving creams and gels work really well on my sensitive skin. 

Click here to see their razors and other shaving products. 

Alternative Hair Removal Methods For Inner Thighs 

If shaving does not work for you but you still need or want to remove the hair from your inner thighs, here are a few different ways that you can do so:

1- Waxing

This is a great way to remove hairs from your skin without having to shave. The hair takes longer to come back. Some people even claim that their hair growth is reduced after a while (although this is controversial).

It is, however, painful. But many people say that once they start, the pain becomes something you get used to and that it is well worth the results. 

2- Threading

Threading is a technique that uses cotton thread to twist and roll through the hairs along the surface of the skin. Doing this entwines the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted quickly from the follicle.

The process is a little uncomfortable or sometimes painful in more sensitive areas with coarse hairs. However, the result is smooth, hairless skin. 

3- Depilatory Creams

This is an easy and painless way to remove hair without pain and shaving. However, this may not be the best idea if you have sensitive skin. Depilatory creams use Thioglycolic acid to break down the keratin protein in your hair.

When you rinse the product off, the hair comes off with it. These creams don’t remove the hair at the root like waxing and threading do, but they break the hair off at the surface of the skin. So, your skin may remain a bit prickly in some spots and the hair will shoot up faster than if you wax, shave or thread. 

4-Laser Hair Removal

If constantly removing hair is not your thing, then laser hair removal could be your answer. This will take a few sessions where a high-frequency light is passed over your skin to target your hair follicles to damage them. Eventually, they stop growing any hair altogether.

The downside, however, is that laser hair removal can be quite expensive. But, if you can afford it, it is worth the investment so that you never have to shave, wax, thread, or cream your thigh hairs away every couple of days. 

Other Ways To Help Dark Inner Thighs

Other than paying special attention to how you remove hair from your inner thighs, there are some things you can do to help manage dark inner thighs.

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