Chamomile Tea Bags On Eyes: Benefits & How To Use

Chamomile Tea Bags On Eyes: Benefits & How To Use
Chamomile Tea Bags On Eyes: Benefits & How To Use

Chamomile Tea is known for its calming effects when steeped and consumed in a nice, relaxing setting.

However, another age-old remedy is placing the same chamomile tea bags on the eyes to treat various conditions. But is it safe and does it really work? 

Can You Put Chamomile Tea Bags On Your Eyes

Yes, you can safely apply chamomile tea bags to your eyes to help with a variety of issues. 

The aim is to keep your eyes closed so that the tea doesn’t drip into them and cause irritation. 

Apart from that precaution, soaking tea bags and placing them on your eyes will allow the skin around the eyes to absorb the tea and make use of its skin benefits.

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Benefits Of Using Chamomile Tea Bags On Your Eyes

The major benefits of chamomile tea bags for your skin are their anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. 

Chamomile tea, when used on the skin, has been shown to help:

  1. Reduce inflammation and
  2. Calm the skin thus reducing some amount of puffiness
  3. It also has been shown to reduce symptoms of acne, psoriasis, and rosacea. 
  4. And can help to lighten dark spots.

Additionally, chamomile tea bags are an affordable, easily available, natural remedy that you can use with little risk. 

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Video of Benefits of Tea Bags for Eyes

How to use Chamomile Tea Bags On Your Eyes

Chamomile tea bags can be used on your eyes either warm or cool after it has been steeped. 

Here is what to do:

  1. Place two tea bags in a pot of water and let them steep as you normally would if you were going to drink them. 
  1. Let the tea and the bags cool down until it is lukewarm, or place them in the refrigerator to become cool (usually for about 15-20 minutes). 
  1. When the tea bags have reached the desired temperature, take them out of the tea, squeeze out the excess liquid, and place each tea bag on an eye. 
  1. Keep your eyes cold and lay down in a relaxed, supine position to keep the tea bags from falling off. 

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How Long You Should Leave Chamomile Tea Bags On Your Eyes

The general recommendation is that Chamomile tea bags should be left on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. 

However, unless you are allergic to chamomile (which has never been reported so far), you can leave the tea bags on your eyes for as long as you want. 

You may leave them until all the tea has been absorbed into the skin from the bags, or you can even resoak and reapply them for more than 20 minutes. 

This may depend on the severity of the condition you are treating, but in most cases, 20 minutes is more than enough time for the tea to absorb into the skin and start working.

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How Often You Should Use Chamomile Tea Bags On Your Eyes

Depending on why you are using the tea bags, you may use them on your eyes at least once per day or as often as needed. 

Chamomile Tea is natural and mostly non-irritating to the skin. So, using it often and consistently is not expected to cause any irritation or negative effects. 

How long you need to use your chamomile tea bags will depend on why you’re using them. Each condition, and its cause, will determine how long and even how often you will need to use the tea bags. 

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FAQs About Using Chamomile Tea Bags On Your Eyes

Can chamomile tea help to lighten dark circles on your under eyes?

Yes, chamomile tea bags can be used to help lighten dark circles under your eyes. 

Camomile tea has antioxidant properties that help to decrease irritation and inflammation in the skin. Apply this tea bag as a cold compress will also help to shrink enlarged blood vessels under the skin that make dark circles worse. 

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Can chamomile tea help with swollen eyes?

Yes, chamomile tea bags can help to reduce puffiness and swelling under the eyes. 

Chamomile tea is anti-inflammatory so it will help to calm the area by tightening the skin and allowing excess fluid to drain away from the area.

Additionally, when the tea bags are applied as a cold compress, they will also help to shrink the blood vessels under the skin which contribute to puffiness and swelling. 

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Can You Use Chamomile Tea Bags For Eye Infections (Conjunctivitis) & Pink Eye?

Yes, you can use chamomile tea bags to help treat eye infections (conjunctivitis) and pink eye. 

There isn’t much scientific proof that these teas can be used to relieve this condition. 

However, when used as a cold compress the tea bags could aid in reducing the extra fluid from your eye. They may also reduce puffiness and discomfort. 

Chamomile tea is also said to have beneficial antimicrobial properties that help with infections. 

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Can You Use Chamomile Tea Bags For Treating A Stye?

Yes, you can use chamomile tea bags for treating a stye. 

The most common cause of this red, uncomfortable lump that appears beneath the eyelid (or even at the base of the eyelid) is an infection.

The pus from the stye can be released and the area can heal by using a warm chamomile tea bag compress for 10 to 15 minutes a few times each day.

Can You Use Chamomile Tea For Blocked Tear Ducts?

Yes, you can use chamomile tea bags to help treat blocked tear ducts. 

Chamomile tea is anti-inflammatory and blocked tear ducts usually result from inflammation. Therefore, applying chamomile tea bags daily to the blocked duct will help to relieve and drain the blocked tear duct. 

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