How to Use Turmeric for Under Eye Dark Circles & Wrinkles

Turmeric for Under Eye Dark Circles & Wrinkles
Turmeric for Under Eye Dark Circles & Wrinkles

Turmeric has been used for hundreds of years, especially in traditional treatments for the skin. It is known for its skin toning and lightening abilities.

So, how effective can using turmeric for under-eye dark circles & wrinkles be?

Can You Safely Use Turmeric Under The Eyes

Yes, you can safely use turmeric under the eyes as a paste spread over the skin, in a moisturizer, or in an eye cream/serum. 

Traditionally, turmeric was available as the root which was crushed and mixed with milk to be applied to the skin, or it was boiled into a strong tea to be drunk or even incorporated in skin pastes. 

Today, turmeric is most easily available in local supermarkets as a powder that can easily be mixed into anything you need. 

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Can Turmeric Lighten Under Eye Dark Circles

Yes, turmeric can eventually lighten dark circles under your eyes. 

Turmeric is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce puffiness and inflammation under the eyes.

Curcumin in turmeric also reduces melanin production in the skin itself, which helps to lighten the skin around the eyes. 

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Can Turmeric Reduce Under Eye Wrinkles

Yes, turmeric can eventually help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes. 

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help to tighten the skin and increase collagen production, making the skin more elastic and firm. 

According to experts, turmeric helps to slow down the skin’s natural aging process primarily through powerful antioxidant action. It also retains moisture in the skin, making the moisture barrier healthier as well. 

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How To Use Turmeric For Under Eye Dark Circles & Wrinkles

The best way to use turmeric under the eyes is as an under-eye mask or paste or incorporated in a cream or serum. 

There are tons of DIY recipes that have been tried and tested. They are known to work wonders and you too can use them for great results. 

There are also some great creams with just the right amount of turmeric and other ingredients in them. These creams are specially formulated to target darkness and wrinkles all over the face, even under the eyes. 

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Should You Leave Turmeric on Your Under Eyes Overnight

Turmeric can be left on the skin of the under eyes overnight, but only if mixed with hydrating ingredients. 

Turmeric itself is usually non-irritating. However, since the skin of the under-eye is so thin and sensitive, it can potentially irritate the skin. Therefore, I recommend that you either only use it for a short time before bed. 

On the other hand, you can also mix a small amount with other hydrating ingredients to keep the eye area well moisturized (like in the nourishing eye mask recipe below).

Another risk is that it gets in your eyes as you sleep and that can cause severe eye irritation. 

However, if you are using it in a moisturizer or eye cream/serum, you can leave it on all day or all night.

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How Long You Should Leave Turmeric On Your Under Eyes

You should leave DIY turmeric recipes on your under eyes for about 15-30 minutes, but eye creams can be left on all day or all night.

This will give the thin skin under your eyes more than enough time to absorb the turmeric. Since the skin there is so thin, you do not need to leave it on for longer or even overnight. 

However, if the turmeric you are using is part of a hydrating eye cream or a moisturizing DIY mask, you can choose to leave it on longer or overnight. 

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How Often You Should Use Turmeric Under Your Eyes

Depending on what you are treating, you can use turmeric on your under eyes as often as every day. 

It is safe to use turmeric on your under eyes as often as needed, but this may vary depending on:

  • The severity of the condition (dark circles and/or wrinkles)
  • How your skin reacts to the treatment (will determine how long it takes to work)
  • The cause of your condition (lifestyle, diet, products, etc)

Best DIYs With Turmeric For Under Eye Dark Circles & Wrinkles

The best DIY way to use turmeric for your under eyes is to combine it with other ingredients to make a paste. 

You can apply the paste to your under-eye area or your whole face. Just keep in mind that they should be hydrating ingredients as well.

Here are some great recipes:

1- Turmeric Buttermilk Eye Mask (Great For Dark Circles)


  • Turmeric
  • Buttermilk (or regular milk if that is what you have)
  • Mixing bowl
  • Small spoon and/or spatula
  • Small brush


  1. In your bowl, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric and 1 teaspoon of milk. 
  1. Use a small spoon or spatula to mix the ingredients well until thoroughly combined. This should form a lightweight paste. 
  1. Apply the mask with great care to the whole area beneath your eyes using a small brush or your fingers. Avoid getting it into your eyes. 
  1. Let it sit on your skin for 15 minutes. Then carefully wipe it off with a moist cotton pad.
  1. You could see a tiny bit of yellow on the skin after removing the mask, but this will go away as soon as the remainder of your skincare routine is completed.

Video: DIY Get Rid of Dark Circles & Wrinkles Under Eyes Naturally

2- The Nourishing Turmeric Eye Mask (Great For Wrinkles)


  • Almond oil OR fresh aloe vera gel (for people with oily skin)
  • Vitamin E capsules
  • Organic turmeric powder
  • Mixing bowl
  • Small spoon or spatula
  • Small brush


  1. In your bowl, crack open four vitamin E capsules, and pour the vitamin E oil inside.
  2. Depending on your skin type, add 5 teaspoons of almond oil or aloe vera gel.
  3. Add a half-teaspoon of turmeric and combine well until a paste is formed.
  4. For maximum effects, apply the mask to your under eyes using a small brush or your fingers. Avoid getting it into your eyes. 
  5. Use it every night before bed and let it sit overnight for the best results. 
  6. Wash it off the following morning and perform your usual skincare routine. 

3- The Sweet and Tangy Eye Mask (Great For Both Dark Circles & Wrinkles)


  • 2 tsp Turmeric
  • 1 tsp Honey
  • 1 tsp Lemon Juice
  • 1 tsp Milk
  • Mixing bowl
  • Small spoon or spatula
  • Small Brush


  1. In your bowl, thoroughly combine all the ingredients until they form a paste.
  2. Apply the mask to your under-eye area using a small brush or your fingers. Be careful to avoid getting it into your eyes. 
  3. Let the paste sit on your skin for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off. 
  4. Proceed to perform your regular skincare routine afterward.
  5. This can be done daily, either in the morning or the evening before bed. 

Recommended Turmeric Products That Can Help Dark Circles & Wrinkles

1- Fresh Turmeric Cream

This is a facial moisturizer that can also be used in the under-eye area. This is a Vietnamese product that contains turmeric, rice bran, vitamin E, almond oil, and jojoba oil.

It has been hailed as a great cream for getting rid of dark patches and scars, even on sensitive skin. So it can target those dark circles. 

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2- Andalou Naturals Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum

This is a blend of Fruit stem cell complexes, turmeric and vitamin C which help to support dermal vitality, targeting over-exposed surface cells for a brighter, healthy-looking glow. 

It can be used all over the skin, as a spot treatment, and even under the eyes as an eye serum.

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3- Turmeric + 30% Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizing & Skin Repairing Cream

This mixture of organic components with turmeric and vitamin C reduces the appearance of age spots, sagging skin, and collagen loss while slowing down the premature aging process.

This cream can be used as a facial moisturizer or specifically as an eye cream for your under eyes. 

Click here to see the Turmeric + Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizing Cream on Amazon. 

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