Why Colloidal Silver Soaps are Not Safe to Use

Why Colloidal Silver Soap is Not Safe to Use- Risks & Dangers
Why Colloidal Silver Soap is Not Safe to Use- Risks & Dangers

Silver (colloidal silver and other forms) was traditionally used in skincare to treat wounds, infections, soothe burns, and even help regenerate lost skin tissue.

However, it is not generally approved for use anymore. 

The Safety Of Using Colloidal Silver

Even though silver-containing products used to be available over the counter, it was deemed to be potentially toxic if used daily by the FDA in 1999. 

In fact, since 1999, the FDA has classified any drug or product containing colloidal silver or any silver salts for internal or external use as “nonmonograph”. This means that they are not considered to be safe and effective and are misbranded. This classification has not changed since then. 

While in a hospital setting, under the direct instruction of a physician or specialist, colloidal silver may be used to help with certain conditions like infections, wounds, burns, etc. It is not safe to use in OTC products for the treatment of any skin-related or systemic diseases and conditions. 

Why You Should Not Use Colloidal Silver Soap and Other OTC Silver Products

Silver is not an essential mineral and it has no known function in the body. It is also absorbed and deposited readily in many of our tissues and organs and can build up over time. 

Silver can get deposited into your skin, kidneys, liver, and many other organ systems. It can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause brain abnormalities, and it can even cross the placenta and affect your baby during pregnancy. 

Because of this, it has a huge potential to become toxic. Therefore, many professionals will recommend that you avoid using OTC products that contain colloidal silver or any kind of silver salt. 

Will Colloidal Silver Work Better for Acne and Other Skin Conditions

No. Colloidal Silver will not work any better than the other acne treatments or other treatments for other conditions. 

In fact, it may even work slower. And the other treatments will be much safer and backed by much more reliable, clinical evidence to prove their safety and effectiveness. 

Even though silver was used before antibiotics were discovered to treat infections and wounds, it still isn’t understood how it actually works. Since antibiotics were discovered, silver became less and less useful as it was slower and more unpredictable than using antibiotics. 

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