Best Salt Soap – Benefits, How to Use & Side Effects

Salt Soap - Benefits, Side Effects, How to Use & Best Ones
Salt Soap – Benefits, Side Effects, How to Use & Best Ones

Salt, whether it is used as a scrub, as a soak, or in the form of salt soap, has many great benefits for the skin. Many people (my self included), have incorporated salt into their skincare routines to help with everything from cleansing to acne and skin conditions.

In this article, we will focus on how we can effectively use salt soaps for gorgeous skin. 

What is Salt Soap

This soap is usually a solid bar or a liquid formula that is made of lye, salt, and other ingredients like oils that form a lather and cleanses your skin. 

Different kinds of salt can be used on the skin. The most common ones are Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt. Both are different from regular table salt in their physical structures and mineral content. 

Apart from scrubs and bath soaks, one of the best ways to use salt on your skin is by using it in a soap. These soaps are usually made with the salt mixed in to form a smooth bar or in some cases, you can still feel the grains of the salt which help with physical exfoliation.

Either way, using salt in soap makes the whole salt-cleansing process much faster and easier. I personally incorporate salt soap into my skincare routine and it has helped me handle my acne and help to even out my skin tone.

One of the best types of salt soap is Himalayan Soap, click here to learn more.

Video: Making Pink Himalayan Salt Soap Bar

Benefits Of Salt Soaps

Using either Himalayan salt or sea salt in soaps will:

  1. Help to exfoliate the skin – which can help to lighten dark spots
  2. Cleanse the pores
  3. Balance the pH of the skin
  4. Nourish the skin by providing minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and others
  5. Promotes circulation in the skin which increases collagen production
  6. Prevent and helps to control acne flare-ups and breakouts by preventing the build-up of bacteria, oil, and debris as well as balancing the pH of the skin
  7. Help to prevent infections by keeping the skin clean
  8. Help to manage skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and even dandruff by soothing irritation and inflammations, and by helping to get rid of scaling. 
  9. Attract and retain moisture in the skin when not overused. 
  10. Fight signs of aging thanks to the antioxidant properties of many of the minerals 

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Side Effects Of Using Salt Soaps

Salt is generally well tolerated by the skin. However, if overused, it can cause irritation and dryness. 

If you notice that using salt soap is making your skin too dry, reduce how often you use it and moisturize your skin at least once every day (twice if you can manage it). 

If you already have dry skin, you can still use salt soap as it helps to attract and retain moisture. But I also recommend that you combine it with a good moisturizer and that you only use the soap 1-3 times per week. 

When I first tried salt soap I experienced some dryness, but once I applied my moisturizer my skin returned to normal.

If dryness and irritation continue or get worse, it might be best to stop using salt soaps altogether. While they are great skin treatments for many people, everyone’s skin is different, and using salt might not be the best thing for you. 

If you have more sensitive skin you can check out this article on the Lume Acidified Body Wash – What It Does, Benefits & Risks

How To Use Salt Soaps

Salt soap can be used like regular soap (on external body parts). The key difference is how often you use it.

As I mentioned earlier, I recommend that you use salt soap 1-3 times per week. If you feel like you need to use it more often, you can gradually increase the frequency. However, you will need to moisturize well (1-2 times daily).

Just like regular soap, soak your skin and rub the soap in your hands or on your body to create a nice later. If you are using the soap to exfoliate, use the bar directly on your skin in gentle motions. This will help with physical exfoliation.

When you have cleansed your skin well, rinse the soap off, making sure to get all the soapy residue off. Leaving it on your skin for too long can cause dryness as it dries up your skin’s natural oils. 

After your bath, pat dry your skin and moisturize. Also, do not forget your SPF. 

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Best Salt Soaps To Use For Skin

1- Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

The Swedish Dream Salt soap has a signature salty scent that literally smells like crisp ocean air. It creates a nice rich foamy lather and natural exfoliators keep skin soft & smooth all day long.

It is also great for a healthy shave. Just drop the bar in any mug and lather up, or use it on your legs.

The Sea Salt is exfoliating and refreshing while the other ingredients include sustainable palm oil (RSPO certified) and glycerin (plant-based).

You can Click here to check out the Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap on Amazon. 

2- Australian Botanical Sea Salt Soap

Along with sea salt from the Camargue region of France, the Botanical salt soap is crafted responsibly with sustainable plant oils and enriched with organic Shea butter.

Each bar is created with a triple milling process for a long-lasting, rich, creamy lather that leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

The plant oils sourced from sustainable plantations create a high glycerin content to moisturize the skin and leave it smooth and soft. No SLS, HEDP or EDTA, detergents, or harsh chemicals are ever added

The only issue that I have with the Botanical salt soap is that it is a bit pricey but if you can afford it, its a great choice.

You can click here to see the price fo the Australian Botanical Sea Salt Soap on Amazon. 

3- One With Nature Dead Sea Salt Soap

This soap is said to be great for sensitive skin and for those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.

It is rich in magnesium, potassium, sodium, bromide, and a host of other minerals that nourish the skin.

Click here to get the One With Nature Dead Sea Salt Soap on Amazon. 

4- IndusClassic Pure Himalayan Chemical-Free Salt Soap Bar

This is not a soap in the traditional sense where it is very sudsy. It is more of a salt bar. However, from my research I have found that it is particularly effective for underarm and body odor, as well as rosacea and acne.

It claims to leave the skin feeling clean and hydrated after use. And since it is heavy and solid, it lasts a long time depending on how often you use it.

You can Click here to check out the IndusClassic Pure Himalayan Salt Soap Bar on Amazon. 

5- The Bamboo Charcoal, Himalayan Pink Salt Soap Bar

This soap is made of a unique combination of Pink Himalayan Salt, Activated Bamboo Charcoal, and Red Kaolin Clay. It is great for oily skin and acne.

The ingredients are deeply moisturizing, deodorizing, gently exfoliating, and detoxifying. The soap itself is completely handmade (cold pressed method) and natural. 

Click here to see the price for the Bamboo Charcoal, Himalayan Pink Salt Soap Bar on Amazon. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does salt soap help acne?

Yes, Salt Soap can help to manage acne flare-ups and breakouts. 

It has helped a lot people who suffer from acne. The salt in the soap helps to cleanse the skin and pores of bacteria, debris, and oil while it also balances the pH of the skin. These actions, when combined, help to keep acne away. 

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Can salt soap fade dark spots and lighten skin?

Salt is not a bleaching agent, but it does exfoliate and cleanse the skin which improves skin tone.

Doing this regularly will eventually tone the skin and make dark marks and dark patches less visible. Exfoliating removes old pigmented cells and allows the skin to replace them with newer ones. 

Kojic Acid Soaps are one the best to help with dark spots, click here to learn more about Kojic Acid Soaps.

You can also consider Vitamin C Soaps -Benefits, Side Effects & How to Use 

Can it darken your skin?

Salt soap is not known to darken your skin. 

However, if you use it too much or it is too harsh for your skin, it can cause irritation and dryness. Depending on how bad these are, they could cause your skin to darken (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). 

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Can you use salt soap every day?

Yes. You can use salt soap every day, but I do not recommend that you do. 

While salt is very good for your skin, too much salt can have the opposite effect. Using salt soap in moderation will exfoliate, cleanse, soothe and even hydrate your skin. However, using it too much can cause irritation and dryness. 

I recommend using salt soap 1-3 times per week on your skin, depending on how your skin reacts. 

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Can you use salt soap on your face?

Yes, you can use salt soap on your face. 

Salt soap is great for your face, especially for areas where you get extra oily or have acne. The salt in the soap will help to cleanse the areas and break up excess oil. 

However, do not use salt soap on your face every day. This can end up getting rid of too much oil, which can make your skin dry. Your skin needs some of its natural oils to be healthy. 

Can you use it on your private areas?

Yes, you can use salt soap on your private areas, but only externally. 

Avoid using salt soaps with a gritty texture on these areas as well. They might be too harsh on the skin. Or, instead of rubbing the soap directly on the skin, you can lather it up in your hands first and then use it to wash the area. 

Avoid the soft, mucus-like areas of the skin. These areas are way too delicate for salt. 

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