Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap – Benefits & Side Effects

Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap - Benefits & Side Effects
Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap – Benefits & Side Effects

The Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap is one of the most popular soaps nationwide, and maybe even globally. The brand has been around for a while and has built a name for itself regarding the quality of its soap and hygiene products. 

But Dial Gold is a newer product line and has become a customer favorite. So, of course, we had to give it its own spotlight and put it to the test. Is it worth it? 

What Is The Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap

The “Gold” in the name refers to the unique scent and the antibacterial agent is Benzalkonium Chloride 0.10%. 

The other ingredients include Soap [Sodium Tallowate*, Sodium Palmate*, Sodium Cocoate*, Sodium Palm Kernelate*], Aqua (Water, Eau), Talc, Coconut Acid*, Palm Acid*, Palm Kernel Acid*, Tallow Acid*, Glycerin, PEG-6 Methyl Ether, Parfum(Fragrance), Sodium Chloride, Pentasodium Pentetate, Tetrasodium Etidronate, CI 19140 (Yellow 5), CI 45350 (Yellow 8) CI 14077 (Red 4)

*contains one or more of these ingredients

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Benefits Of Using Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap

  • Strong Antibacterial Properties – now this does not mean that it gets rid of all the bacteria that are on your skin (like the ones that are supposed to be there), but rather the ones that are encountered in the environment and other excesses that can cause body odor and even infections. 
  • Provides a good amount of odor protection after your shower (if you have mild to moderate body odor)
  • It does not contain Parabens, Phthalates, Silicones or Sulfated Surfactants so these toxins are kept away from your skin. 
  • Moisturizes your skin as well as cleanses it so that it does not become too dry or irritated
  • It is also Dermatologist-tested & approved under the Leaping Bunny cruelty-free program
  • Can be used as a hand soap or as a body bar

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Side Effects Of Using Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap

Like all skincare products, Dial Gold will also have some possible side effects:

  • Irritation – while this is generally well tolerated, some people find that the scent and some of the ingredients irritate their skin. The ingredients used to create the scent and some of the soapy ingredients can be troublesome for people with allergies or extra sensitive skin. To prevent this you should always do a few patch tests on a small area of skin to make sure it is safe for widespread use. 
  • Dryness – this is not a major complaint but some people say that even though the soap has hydrating ingredients, it still makes their skin too dry. You will need to moisturize daily (once, twice or as needed) to prevent this from happening, especially if you already have dry skin. 
  • Allergic Reactions – please check the ingredients list on the product or above in this article to make sure that you are not known to be allergic to any of the ingredients used in the soap. If you are unsure, then I suggest you do a patch test for a few days to make sure that the soap is safe for you to use. 

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Where to Get Dial Antibacterial Soap

Most major retailers and supermarkets usually have it in stock. But you can also get it on Amazon, click here to get it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use Dial antibacterial soap every day?

Unless you have very dry skin, allergies or extra sensitive skin, then Dial Gold is safe to use on your skin every day. 

Moisturize daily (whether you use the soap or not) and you will have soft, plump, and clean skin. 

Is Dial antibacterial good for the skin?

Dial gold antibacterial soap cleans the skin and gets rid of built-up bacteria, dead skin cells, oil and other debris. 

This helps the skin to be healthier, absorb nutrients from other products better and prevent odor and infection. 

Is Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap good for acne?

If you have acne-prone skin or active acne lesions, then this soap can help to improve the lesions and prevent breakouts. 

It gets rid of bacteria and excess oil, both of which build up in your pores and cause acne. 

However, acne-prone skin is also sensitive skin, and sensitive skin is sometimes very reactive to fragrances and soapy ingredients. 

So, the safest thing to do is to try it out on a small area of skin with mild acne. If your skin can tolerate it you can gradually start using it to wash the area. 

But, there are other soaps and face washes that are more suitable for acne-affected areas, especially your face. 

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Is Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap good for your face?

If you do not have acne or other bacterial conditions, then I do not recommend using this soap on your face. 

While it is said to be gentle, it also has a strong antibacterial agent, fragrances, and other strong soapy ingredients. These might be too harsh for the skin of your face.

It will also pull too much oil and moisture out of your skin, making your face way too dry. 

But if your face is very oily, or you have acne, and you are not super sensitive, then you probably can use this to wash your face once a day. I do not recommend using it more than once. 

Can you use Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap on your private areas?

You can use Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap around your private parts but not directly on them or inside them

The skin on and inside your private areas are very sensitive, have a specific pH and need to remain as moisturized as possible. Using this soap on those areas, even if you have an infection, is not safe and you should not do this. Instead, see a doctor for a prescription that is safe and designed specially for that area. 

However, you can use the soap on the skin around your private areas. This can help to get rid of odor and odor-causing bacteria. 

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Our Experience With Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap

The girls here at Sasily first tried the soap for a month and then we roped the guys in to give us their reviews. 

Overall, we agree that the Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap is worth the buy. 


We girls have less body odor than the guys but we still have it. For me, showering with this soap twice a day gave me 24-hour odor protection. I don’t sweat much and I’m a couch/desk potato so it was a success for me.

The other ladies said that it worked great for them as well but of course, they did not skip their antiperspirant. What we did do, however, was use unscented antiperspirants (just so we could see how the scent held up). Trust us when we say that unless you have excess body odor, then this soap will help to keep the stink away. 

For the guys, they noted that on the days that they sweated a lot or needed to do a lot of physical activity, the odor protection did not last all day. Especially without using antiperspirants or deodorants. With antiperspirant, they were able to make it to the next shower without smelling too bad, but they definitely needed to shower again. 

So, the consensus is that this is great if you have mild to moderate body odor. 


Now, the scent is actually quite intense. It tapers off as the time progresses after your shower, of course. However, if you are sensitive to strong fragrances, you may not like this. 

I love the smell. It has a clean, crisp scent that is universal. It pairs well with my body fragrance and as the day goes on it tapers off to a barely-there scent. So for me (and the other ladies) it’s a yes. 

The guys liked the scent as well and had no complaints about that. 


The drawback for me with this soap is that it was a little drying for my skin. I already have kind of dry skin on my body. Using this soap twice a day was not harsh, per se, but after a few days my skin began to feel tight and stiff after my showers.

While that may translate as “clean” to many of us, it also means “dehydrated”. The soap pulled too much oil and moisture out along with the bacteria and other gunk. 

However, it wasn’t unbearable and I moisturized well after each shower. Eventually, I developed a routine that left my skin clean and also well-moisturized between the soap and my body lotion. 

A few of the other ladies had the same experience and the others said it was completely fine for their skin (no excess dryness). 

The guys didn’t seem to notice much difference in how their skin felt (rolls eyes) but when we pushed a bit, some of them did describe that tight feeling. After some moisturizer, they were good to go, however. 

So, the verdict here is that this soap is probably not a good idea if you have very dry skin already. But if you have oily or combination skin, it will work well for you. If you notice any dryness, some moisturizer will fix that right up!

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