Femfresh Spray- Is It Safe, Benefits, How to Use & Risks

Femfresh Spray- Is It Safe, Benefits, How to Use & Risks
Femfresh Spray- Is It Safe, Benefits, How to Use & Risks

The feminine hygiene industry has blown up over the years and a relatively popular product in that market is the Femfresh spray. 

In my last article, I went through what is normal and what is not when it comes to vaginal odor. Click here to read all about that. 

So, in this article, I will talk about the Femfresh spray, its benefits, and side effects, and whether you really need it. 

What is Femfresh Spray

The Femfresh spray is an aerosol spray for the intimate areas (groin and labia majora of the vagina). It is made for external use only. 

The main attraction of this formula, according to the company, is that it contains Calendula & Silk extracts. Both of these are supposed to hydrate the skin, soothe it, and promote the growth of new, healthy skin cells. 

Ingredients List

The Femfresh spray, according to the company, contains: 

Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Disiloxane, Zea Mays Starch, Isopropyl Myristate, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Serica Powder, Triethyl Citrate, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Parfum, Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride, Propylene Carbonate, Tocopherol.

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What is the Femfresh Spray Used For (Benefits)

The Femfresh spray is used to mask and prevent odor around your intimate areas. 

It does not contain any ingredients that will control sweating or absorb sweat. So, technically, it is like a perfume for your nether regions. 

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So how is this helpful?

It is normal for your vagina and groin area to have a different scent from the rest of your body. However, many women have been brainwashed into feeling very self-conscious about it. So much so that it is now considered “taboo”.

Using this spray helps women to feel “cleaner”, but most importantly, more confident and comfortable.

But does it have any physical benefits for your private parts? 

The answer to this is the bare minimum. 

The spray does contain hydrating ingredients. These can be beneficial to the skin down there. But, you can also get this benefit from a fragrance-free, safer alternative. 

However, the makers of Femfresh do say that their products (and this spray) have been designed with a pH of 4.5, which is supposedly acidic enough to maintain the health of the vaginal area. 

But, what you need to understand is that even though your vaginal pH is acidic, it tends to fluctuate between 3.5-4.5, depending on your cycle and hormonal changes. Therefore, doctors usually recommend using plain, clean water to wash the area and avoid products that contain strong chemicals, like fragrances. 

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Where & How Can You Safely Apply Femfresh Spray

The Femfresh spray can be applied to the external skin of the vagina (the labia major) and the groin area (crease between thighs and vagina, and the upper thighs).

The instructions or the company’s website does not say whether it can be used between your butt cheeks. It can be sprayed directly on the skin or directly onto your underwear. 

However, even though they say to spray it on your “vulva”, I strongly recommend against doing so. Your vulva is your vaginal opening and is very sensitive. Any little thing can cause irritation which can lead to itching and infection. 

Added to that, the vagina itself is self-cleaning, and it does not need to be soaped, couched, or sprayed. Products with fragrances, alcohol, and other chemicals like this spray are very likely to cause irritation. 

Side Effects Of Using The Femfresh Spray

The biggest side effect of using the Femfresh spray is irritation. 

While many ladies have used this product without much of a problem, some ladies have also experienced itching and rashes after use. 

Another few ladies have said that they used it for a few days and seemed fine but by the next week, they started to get itchy and irritated. This is because their pH balance probably changed with their cycles and was affected by the spray. 

Another reason people can get irritated when using this is if they get it inside the vagina or on the soft mucosal skin which is very sensitive. They can also be more sensitive just after shaving or waxing, which leaves the skin and the hair follicles very exposed and easily irritated. 

Additionally, with any product, allergic reactions are always a possibility. So take a look at the ingredients list and make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before using this spray. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Femfresh spray get rid of odor?

The Femfresh spray will help to control odor and mask it, but it will not permanently get rid of it. 

Remember that odor is caused by the interaction between sweat, bacteria on the skin, dead skin cells, and even your pH. Your skin down there is supposed to smell different and always will (when not covered up by sprays). 

If you sweat a lot, or you do not practice good hygiene, then your odor will come back. Femfresh will just mask the scent until you apply it again. 

Does Femfresh help with dryness?

Femfresh does have some hydrating ingredients but it cannot be used to treat dryness. 

This spray is a deodorant. Its primary purpose is to make you smell “better”. It does have some hydrating ingredients to prevent the other ingredients from causing dryness and irritating the skin. However, it does not have enough of those ingredients, or the suitable hydrating ingredients to treat dry skin. 

Can you use Femfresh on armpits?

Femfresh is a deodorant spray designed for sensitive skin so it can also be used on the armpits. 

However, keep in mind that this will not block or prevent sweating and it will not absorb moisture. It will only mask odor like an air refresher for the skin. 

Can Femfresh help yeast infections?

Femfresh cannot help yeast infections. In fact, it can make them worse. 

Femfresh is not a medical product and it is not safe to use when you have a yeast infection or any other kind of infection. 

It contains fragrance and alcohol which will affect your pH balance even further and make your infection worse. 

If you have a yeast infection or any other kind of infection, please see a doctor to have it properly treated. 

The Bottom Line – Is The Femfresh Spray A Yay or Nay?

For me, it’s a nay. But many people like the way it makes them feel and that is worth more than you know. 

I am a strong believer that simple hygiene down there is the safest and best. I strongly recommend against using scented products, washes, and other feminine hygiene products. All you really need is to shower regularly and to gently cleanse the nether regions (with water alone or water and a very mild, unscented soap or cleanser). For hydration, a simple, unscented moisturizer applied to the outside (labia majora) is perfect. 

Other than that, it’s important for us to recognize and accept that it is normal to smell a little different down there. As long as it is not super strong and offensive, you’re fine!

However, I know that it is hard for everyone to feel as comfortable as me when it comes to down there (this could be because of my medical background). So, I understand that sometimes we just need a little something to help us feel comfortable and confident. And that’s okay too! As long as you are not doing more harm down there than good!

If used correctly, the Femfresh spray can give you the scent profile you want without causing irritation and infections. The key is to use it carefully and properly. If you figure that out, then it’s a decent product. 

If you want to give the Femfresh spray a shot, click here to view and purchase it on Amazon. 


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