Duradry – Are They Effective, How to Use & Side Effects

Duradry - Are They Effective, How to Use & Side Effects
Duradry – Are They Effective, How to Use & Side Effects

Duradry is another antiperspirant company that makes antiperspirant products to help control excessive sweating. 

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is more common than you think and not all brands of antiperspirants will work for everyone. 

Duradry is not a natural deodorant but they do use 75% more natural ingredients than your typical antiperspirants. Their aim is to use more clean ingredients to minimize side effects while still being as effective as possible for sweat control.

So were they successful? Let’s see. 

How Duradry Works

The main ingredient in the Duradry products is Aluminum, which blocks the sweat ducts and pores where applied. However, each product will contain a different form of aluminum and different concentrations. 

The other ingredients will also vary slightly but are said to be as pure as possible to avoid side effects and irritation. They work to soothe and nourish the skin while aluminum does its job. 

Even though Duradry is not a natural deodorant company, three of their products (wash, body spray, and wash wipes) do not contain Aluminum.

Instead, they contain mostly natural ingredients. These will not control sweating, nor were they intended for that purpose. However, they will clean and refresh your body to help with hygiene and odor. 

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How Effective Are Duradry Products

Duradry For Excessive Sweating

In my opinion, the Duradry products will work differently for everyone depending on how much you sweat and how well your skin adapts to the formulas. 

Here’s the thing: For some people, the underarm products (PM Gel & AM Stick) are super effective when used together. But on their own, they might not be the best solution for true hyperhidrosis. For others, each product when used correctly works great. The Hands & Feet Wipes seem to be a universal favorite!

They each contain aluminum in concentrations that are high enough to effectively block sweat ducts and pores (15-20%). The PM gel is expected to last about 3 days after a few nights of daily application to block pores.

The AM Stick is a daily treatment and is expected to last all day when used on its own. And, the hands & feet wipes are expected to last all day with a 90% general reduction in sweat after 2 weeks of daily use. 

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Our Experiment

Many reviewers claim that they work great for them but others say that they still sweat bullets. So naturally, we girls and some of our sweaty guys here at Sasily tried them out. Those who don’t sweat that much agreed to work up a sweat just for this experiment! 

Personally, the AM Stick kept my underarms dry through some intense cardio sessions with lots of sweat. It did the same for the other ladies here too. 

The guys agreed that after a few days of using the PM Gel, they noticed significantly less sweating, but they still needed to use the AM stick for full sweat protection.

Since guys sweat more than women in general, and we had them work out so they sweat even more, this might be a better basis for evaluating how effective these products are. 

The ladies said that after using the PM gel for a few nights combined with the AM stick, they decided to ditch the stick and see how their pores would do with just the PM gel. They said that it kept them completely dry for up to 3-4 days before they needed to reapply. 

The guys who tried the hands & feet wipes said that they worked great for their sweaty feet. They did notice less and less sweating after 1-2 weeks of using it every day. 

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How long will Duradry take to work?

This will vary for every person. However, generally, it may take 5-7 applications of the PM Gel for you to stop excreting sweat from the area.

The AM stick works like a regular antiperspirant and will decrease sweating immediately once applied. However, it will need to be reapplied after every shower. 

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Duradry For Cleansing and Deodorizing 

The products that were designed for cleansing and deodorizing were the Duradry wash, body spray and wash wipes. They turned out to be pretty effective! 

Now keep in mind that these are not intended to control sweat. However, they are expected to cleanse your body to help get rid of bacteria, clean your pores, and get rid of odor. 

Hundreds of reviewers agree that they work pretty well for what they were designed to do. And of course, after we tried it, we agreed too! 

The wash left me feeling clean, albeit a little dry. But some moisturizer fixed that right up. I do not struggle with excess body odor, but it did help with that slight sweaty funk under my arms after a sweaty workout session and after a long day.

Our sweaty, smellier guys (sorry guys!) tried the wash after a few of their long days and said that it did help to get rid of their muskiness. 

My favorite of these products, however, is the wash wipes. They are not intended to replace a shower but I found that they did a great job of freshening my skin up on hot days between showers. If your skin is oily and/or you get sweaty, sticky, and odorous, then you will love this! 

None of us were fans of the body spray but other reviewers said that they love how the mist felt on their skin as it air dried and that it helps with murkiness. 

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Which Duradry Products Are Best To Use 

The best Duradry products for you will depend on what you need and your skin’s reaction to them. 

If you are looking for protection against excessive sweating, then you can use the PM Gel, AM Stick, and Antiperspirant Wipes for Hands & Feet. 

For body cleansing and help with body odor between showers, then you can use the wash, body spray, and wash wipes. 

However, if you need both cleaning, odor prevention, and sweat protection, then you can use a combination of the products. Duradry has some great systems worked out to target specific needs. 

Where to Get Duradry Products & How to Use

Antiperspirants Containing Aluminum:

Duradry PM Gel

Duradry PM Gel is meant to be applied only to your underarms.

It needs to be applied before bed every night for a few nights or until excessive sweating during the day has stopped. Then apply it as needed for maintenance (when you notice sweating again). 

Ensure that your pits are clean and dry before application. You can click here to see the price for the PM Gel on Amazon.

Duradry AM Stick

Duradry AM Stick is different from the PM Gel in that it needs to be used daily to work and is washed away when you bathe.

You can click here to see the price for the Duradry AM Stick.

Duradry Hand & Feet Antiperspirant Wipes

To use Duradry Antiperspirant Wipes you need to:

  • Wash your hands and feet and make sure they are dry. 
  • Then use the wipes to wipe both hands and both feet. Let them air dry completely. 
  • Wash your hands and feet the next morning with soap and water or the Duradry Wash 
  • Use the wipes again as needed.

You can click here to see Duradry’s Antiperspirant Hands & Feet Wipes.

Deodorants Aluminum Free:

Duradry Body Wash

Use in the shower daily or as needed. Can be used all over your body (except your private parts and face). 

  • Put some in your hand, lather up, and then apply all over your body. 
  • Gently massage and let sit for a minute or two, then rinse. 

You can click here to see the price for Duradry’s Bodywash on Amazon.

Duradry Body Spray

Duradry’s Body Sprays is really easy to use just Hold the bottle a little distance away, then spray it onto your skin, and then let your skin air dry.

It can be used all over the body except your face and your private parts. 

You can click here to check out the Duradry’s Body Spray.

Duradry Wash Wipes

Duradry Wash Wipes can be used all over your body to cleanse and deodorize on the go, and between showers. To use

  • Simply use one towelette to wipe an area of your body (or as needed). 
  • They do contain natural ingredients so they can be used on your face and intimate areas as well.
  • But keep in mind that they are not pH-balanced and should only be used externally and cautiously. 

Click here to check out Duradry’s Wash Wipes.

Duradry’s Systems

1- Duradry 3-Step System

This is my favorite of all of their systems. It is Duradry’s underarm starter kit and is designed to give you maximum sweat protection under your arms. This is said to eventually reduce sweating by 95% and help with odor. 

This system includes the Duradry Body Wash, PM Gel, and AM Stick. 

First, you cleanse your underarms (and body if you want) with the body wash. Then apply the PM gel overnight. In the morning, you wash your underarms with the body wash again, dry your skin and apply your AM stick. 

You can click here to check out the price for Duradry 3-Step Protection System

2- Duradry Feet System

This is another favorite of mine. It includes the Duradry Body Wash, the Antiperspirant Hands & Feet Wipes, and the Body Spray. 

This system cleanses, deodorizes, and reduces sweat. First, you cleanse your feet with the body wash and dry them. Then you wipe them down with the antiperspirant wipes and let them air dry. Finally, you spray them with the body spray and let them air dry. The result is dry, normal-smelling feet instead of sweaty, musky hooves. 

Duradry also has a Hands System (the difference is that it includes a bottle of gummy vitamins instead of the body wash) but to be honest, I think this system will work better for your hands than the gummies.

You don’t need to use the body spray. But you can cleanse your hands with the body wash and then use the antiperspirant wipes to effectively prevent hand sweat. 

Click here to check out Duradry’s Feet System

3- Fresh Body System

If you struggle with odor and not necessarily excessive sweating, or you just need a body refresher in between showers, this is the system for you. 

It includes the Duradry Body Wash, Body Spray, and Wash Wipes. You can use the body wash in the shower and then use the body spray to deodorize. Walk with the Wash Wipes and the body spray so that you can freshen up on the go. 

You can click here to see the price for Duradry’s Fresh Body System

Side Effects Of Duradry

Even though Duradry is made of as many clean ingredients as possible, irritation and allergic reactions are still possible side effects to expect. 

If you are using any of the Duradry products, I recommend that you check the ingredient lists to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the listed ingredients, especially aluminum (many people are allergic to or easily irritated by this ingredient). 

I also recommend that you patch-test these products on small areas of your skin before applying them on wider areas, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Do not apply them over broken skin or where you have active acne breakouts. 

If you notice symptoms like pain, redness, swelling, itching, rashes, or bumps, wash your skin with clean water and soap and see if the symptoms will resolve. If they do not, seek medical attention. However, if they do resolve and you try the products again with the same results, you may need to consider alternatives.  

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Why do your armpits itch when you use Duradry?

Many people complain about how itchy the PM gel makes them when they apply it. However, Duradry says that this is to be expected. 

According to the experts at Duradry, “You may experience itching when applying Duradry® PM if the area to be treated is not completely dry. The main reason why some people experience itching during the first few days is that their excessive perspiration moistens the treatment area. Itching will decrease after a few days of use.” 

To reduce itching, it is recommended that you keep your underarms as dry as possible by blotting up sweat, sleeping in a cool place with your underarms uncovered, and using a small amount of product at a time.

Eventually, as your sweat ducts and pores become sufficiently blocked, itching and sweating will decrease. However, if the itching is unbearable and your skin is becoming damaged, you should stop using Duradry. 

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