Dr Squatch Deodorants Review: Are They Worth It 

Dr Squatch Deodorants Review Are They Worth It 
Dr Squatch Deodorants Review Are They Worth It 

Dr Squatch Deodorants are made by a personal care company that makes natural body care products specifically for men. They have a wide range of other products too, like soaps, cologne, hair care, body lotions, and face washes. 

Dr Squatch does not make antiperspirant products. 

But, what we are here to discuss is the Dr Squatch Deodorant. Does it work and is it worth the hype? Let’s see. 

How Dr Squatch Deodorants Work

Dr Squatch deodorants use their signature Odor-Squatching System. The main ingredients are arrowroot powder (which absorbs sweat), probiotics (to help control odor-causing bacteria), and charcoal (a natural deodorizer to help block odor). 

These deodorants do not contain Aluminum or Baking Soda.

The different scent options will contain a few different ingredients (other than the main three). However, these ingredients are limited to mostly natural ingredients. They also contain conditioning ingredients (shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba esters, etc) to nourish the skin and prevent irritation. 

Another great deodorant for men similar to Dr. Squatch is: Mando Deodorant, You can click here to learn more.

How Long Dr Squatch Deodorants Last

This is a natural deodorant for people who are mild to moderate sweater and odor producers and will last at least 6 hours effectively. 

Depending on how much you sweat and how much odor you produce, a one-time application will give you about 6-8 hours of protection. You will still sweat through it, so it absorbs some moisture, but not all of it. 

If you usually do more physical activity that causes you to sweat more, you may need to reapply this in between showers. 

However, if you don’t sweat that much, then this is a great deodorant for everyday, regular use. The scents are strong and they last a pretty significant time on the skin

Additionally, 1 jar of Dr Squatch Deodorant will last you an average of about 1.5 to 3 months. This will, of course, depend on how often you use it and how much you apply every time. 

Please note that the Dr Squatch Deodorants have a 2-year shelf life. 

Honest Review of Dr. Squatch Dedorant after 2.5 months of use

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How To Use Dr Squatch Deodorants

These deodorants are used like regular deodorants. 

  1. Simply apply generously onto your skin after your shower. 
  2. Slide the product back and forth over your skin 3-4 times and let your skin absorb it. 

Then go about your day as normal. If you need to reapply, simply clean your armpit with a cleansing wipe, let them dry, and reapply the deodorant the same way as before. 

You can use as many swipes as you think you need but do not apply too much as it may make your skin too dry or too sensitive. 

There isn’t any particular way to make Dr Sqatch Deodorants last longer. The time they will last on the skin will very much depend on the individual. 

For example, If you sweat a lot and produce more odor, then the formula will last a shorter time than on me, who sweats a lot less and does not have that much odor. 

You also should not apply Dr Squatch Deodorants on your face. They were not designed for the delicate skin on your face and can lead to dryness, irritation, and even breakouts. However, Dr Ssquatch does have a great range of face washes that you can check out and try. 

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Side Effects of Dr Squatch Deodorants

Like all skincare products, even “natural” products can cause side effects. The most common ones are irritation and allergic reactions. 

Please ensure that you read your product labels and ingredients list to make sure that you are not known to be allergic to any of the ingredients listed. 

Also, even with natural products like these, ensure that you do a patch test before applying the product on large areas of skin. This will avoid any widespread irritation or reactions if your skin does not tolerate the product. Instead, you will just have to deal with a small, localized area of irritation if that happens. 

Some people may experience some dryness after using Dr Squatch deodorants, especially those with dry skin. However, you can moisturize your skin before applying this deodorant. Just let the moisturizer fully absorb into your skin before applying the deodorant. The deodorant itself also has moisturizing and conditioning ingredients to prevent dryness and irritation. 

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Who Can Use Dr Squatch Deodorants

Dr Squatch deodorants can be used by adolescents, teens, young men, and older men.

Since it contains mostly natural ingredients, many experts and parents consider it to be safe to use on children, teens and growing boys. 

Also, even though these deodorants are marketed for men, Dr Squatch says that their deodorants are unisex and can also be used by women! You just have a choose a scent that you like!

However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is best to check the ingredients with your doctors first. 

There isn’t a female product line or a specifically female version of the Dr Squatch Deodorants. 

The Best Dr Squatch Scents To Use 

Now, this will be highly preferential. However, these are a few of their scents that are universally more liked than the others. 

Here are the Dr Squatch scents, listed in order of best to worst scents (based on experience and thousands of reviews):

1- Fresh Falls

This scent gives you that crisp forest waterfall scent. It is fresh and airy and lasts all day. 

You can Click here to check out the Fresh Falls Dedorant on Amazon. 

2- Pine Tar

This scent gives you a rugged, woodsy smell with just the right amount of pine. Very manly. 

You can Click here to see the Pine Tar Deodorant on Amazon. 

3- Wood Barrel Bourbon

This scent gives you a rugged spice, bourbon, and oak smell. It kind of brings to time old, renaissance characters in their studies having a drink and a cigar after dinner. 

You can Click here to view the Wood Barrel Bourbon Deodorant on Amazon. 

4- Bay Rum

The scent profile of this one is an intoxicating blend of clove, cinnamon, pine, and citrus. It brings the Caribbean to mind. 

Click here to see the price for the Bay Rum Deodorant on Amazon. 

5- Alpine Sage

This is a warm mixture of cypress, patchouli, and sage. It’s airy but it sort of has a medicinal herb smell (if you like that kind of scent). This gives off more traditional vibes. 

You can Click here to get the Alpine Sage Deodorant on Amazon. 

6- Birchwood Breeze

This scent gives you a crispy, woody smell. It’s very masculine and brings earthy, woody tones to mind when you smell it. 

You can Click here to check out the Birchwood Breeze Deodorant on Amazon. 

7- Cool Fresh Aloe

This one is the most unisex scent that I came across of all the products. It has a fresh aloe scent that is very natural and light. 

Click here to check out the Cool Fresh Aloe Deodorant on Amazon. 

The lineup also has three newer scents: Rainforest Rapids, Coconut Castaway, and Summer Citrus. They seem to be more unisex scents. Their reviews all say that they smell great and work well. But ultimately, you would have to try them to see if you like them. 

The Bottom Line: Are Dr Squatch deodorants worth it?

For me, I would say yes. They are worth it. 

They are more pricey than your average deodorant. But for an aluminum-free product, they work pretty well for average sweaters. 

Now, keep in mind that if you sweat a lot or you have hyperhidrosis, these will not work as well for you as they do for others who do not sweat so much. 

And, as I have said, they will hold up differently depending on how much you use, what activities you do throughout the day, how much sweat and odor you produce, your diet (which affects body odor and even sweat production), etc. 

But for average sweaters, they work pretty well for everyday use. 


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