What are Antibacterial Deodorants & Who Should Use Them

What are Antibacterial Deodorants & Best Brand to Get
What are Antibacterial Deodorants & Best Brand to Get

Antibacterial Deodorants are not widely talked about. However, what is much talked about is body odor. And what produces body odor? 

Bacteria on the skin react with sweat, dead skin cells, and other debris. 

So what can we use to help? Apart from showering regularly, one of the things that can help is antibacterial deodorants. 

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What Are Antibacterial Deodorants

As the name suggests, Antibacterial Deodorants contain antimicrobial agents that help to kill and get rid of excess bacteria under your arms. Now it’s important to not that they will not stop sweating.

These bacteria are the ones that produce body odor when they react with sweat, dead skin cells and other debris on your skin. When bacteria interact with these substances, they are broken down and one of the by-products is malodorous gas (which we can smell from a distance). 

So, fewer bacteria mean less odor. 

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Are Antibacterial Deodorants Safe For Your Skin

Generally, antibacterial deodorants are safe for your skin when used correctly. 

Now, here’s the thing, we need bacteria on our skin. They help to maintain the skin’s pH and keep the skin healthy (that sounds strange, I know, but that’s the science). 

However, what we do not want is too much or too little of these resident bacteria. Too much will give us odor and infections. Too little will change the pH and ecosystem of the skin making it unhealthy and prone to infections as well. 

So, what we need is a healthy balance. That’s where products like Antibacterial Deodorants come in. These are usually used once daily or as necessary to help get rid of excess bacteria that produce odor. 

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Who Should Use Antibacterial Deodorants

Antibacterial Deodorants are most suitable for people who experience persistent body odor. 

Even though anyone can use antibacterial deodorants, not everyone will need them. Some people have very little to no body odor, meaning they do not have excess bacteria building up under their arms or anywhere else. 

If you do not have this problem, then you do not need to interfere with your skin’s micro-ecosystem. This will probably just do more harm than good to your skin. 

However, if you sweat a lot and have moderate to extreme body odor that is hard to get rid of or prevent even when you shower every day, then antibacterial deodorants can help. 

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Potential Side Effects Of Antibacterial Deodorants

Like all skincare products, antibacterial deodorants can cause allergic reactions and irritation. However, depending on the ingredients, they could also be related to other concerns. 

Firstly, make sure that you check your labels and ingredients list to ensure that you are not known to be allergic or sensitive to any of the listed ingredients. 

Secondly, I recommend that you always do a patch test on your skin. Do this before applying any product to large, sensitive areas. 

And thirdly, do your research. 

Previously, one of the most common antimicrobial agents used in skin care products like handwashes, soaps, and deodorants was Triclosan (sometimes Triclocarban). However, in 2016, the FDA made a final ruling that companies were to stop selling OTC products containing Triclosan.

The reason for this was that Triclosan is absorbed by the body and passes through our systemic circulation. While this does not make it bad, per se, researchers do not know what exactly Triclosan does to the body or what effects it might have. Studies are still being carried out to determine its long-term effects. So, since Triclosan produces the same antimicrobial effects as other safer ingredients, this one was deemed an unnecessary risk. 

Other than Triclosan, many deodorants will contain things like Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus extract, crystal salts, and other more organic antimicrobial agents. Some of them will be medicated, containing things like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc.

While these are much safer and approved for use, make sure that they are not too concentrated for your skin. Using antimicrobial ingredients that are too strong will not only irritate your skin but will also upset the pH balance and the bacterial ecosystem that keeps the skin healthy. 

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Best Antibacterial Deodorants To Try

Of course, we here at Sasily (your friendly guinea pigs) gave a few antibacterial deodorants a try to see which ones worked best. 

Among all the ones we tried, here are the ones that performed the best:

1- Lume Deodorants

This is one of my favorite brands of aluminum-free underarm products.

This deodorant not only absorbs sweat, but it also contains mandelic acid which cleanses the skin and kills excess bacteria. It is also free of Baking Soda, Phthalates, Sulfates, Parabens, or Talc and the company claims to be cruelty-free and vegan.

To read my full review on Lume Deodorants, check this article out: Lume Deodorant Review- Is It Really Safe & Side Effects – Sasily Skin  

To purchase the Lume Deodorants, click on the links below:

1- Lume Solid Deodorant Stick – click here to see it on Amazon

2- Lume Deodorant Cream Stick – click here to check it out on Amazon.

3- Lume Deodorant Cream Tube – click here to see the price on Amazon. 

2- Salt Crystal Deodorants

Most of these deodorants are usually made of potassium alum, commonly referred to as potassium aluminum sulfate, which is a natural mineral salt. It kills excess bacteria and helps to prevent buildup and body odor.

The only downside is that you might actually sweat a bit more when you first start using this. The crystal salt not only kills bacteria but it also detoxes your pores and flushes your skin.

So, like a few of us here, you might find yourself a bit more sweaty for the first few days until your skin has detoxed. After that, you will find that your sweating evens out and your body odor will also be reduced. 

To read my full review on Salt Crystal Dedorants, check this article out: Best Salt Crystal Deodorants: Risks, Benefits & How to Use

To see a few great options on Amazon, click on the links below:

1- Click here to check out the Crystal Deodorant Stick on Amazon.  

2- Click here to see the Vital Green Crystal Deodorant on Amazon. 

4- Click here to check out the Nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone on Amazon

5- Click here to see the Nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant Spray on Amazon. 

Other Organic Options

Some other great options are natural deodorants with essential oils and other organic ingredients that are known to have antibacterial properties. 

These can be made using simple ingredients yourself or purchased online. Some great ingredients to look for are Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Lemon. 

The three strongest and most common ones used are Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Lemongrass.  

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