Charcoal Deodorants- Are They Good, Benefits & Side Effects

Charcoal Deodorants- Are They Good, Benefits & Side Effects
Charcoal Deodorants- Are They Good, Benefits & Side Effects

As more and more people discover the cons of using traditional aluminum-based deodorants, they are looking into more natural alternatives. One such alternative is charcoal deodorant.

But how well do these alternatives work for you? What are the benefits and side effects? Does the good outweigh the bad?

Are Charcoal Deodorants Safe To Use

Unless you are allergic to charcoal, it is generally safe to use anywhere on the body, including in deodorants.

Activated charcoal is usually hailed as a great skin detoxification agent. This is the core concept behind it being used as a deodorant. When used in commercial products, it is specially mixed with other ingredients to be safe on your skin. If you use it in DIY deodorants, you should be cautious.

Depending on where you are using it, there are different grades available. The best kind of activated charcoal to use in DIY mixtures is the food-grade one.

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Are Charcoal Deodorants Any Good

The effectiveness of charcoal deodorants will vary from person to person, but it is generally considered to be an excellent natural alternative to traditional deodorants. 

There are different kinds of charcoal deodorants available on the market and a few DIY recipes. The majority of reviews I have seen are positive. While they may not be as effective as aluminum deodorants, they are considered to be a rather good natural alternative. 

Additionally, keep in mind that not all charcoal deodorants are created equal. Some brands will work well for some people while others will not. Therefore, effectiveness may very well depend on the brand of charcoal deodorant you use and your skin chemistry. 

Keep in mind that natural remedies are usually less potent than chemical or traditional deodorants and you should always set your expectations with that in mind. However, some people believe that charcoal deodorants are a superior subset of natural deodorants.

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How Do Charcoal Deodorants Work

Charcoal deodorants work by absorbing sweat and odor-causing impurities. 

Charcoal is known to be very absorbent. It actively absorbs the sweat under your arms to reduce the amount of moisture in the area. Charcoal is also known to cleanse the detox the skin. It cleans the pores of impurities and dead skin cells that contribute to odor. 

Some studies indicate that charcoal may have some indirect antibacterial properties. This means that along with dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities, activated charcoal helps to draw bacteria to the surface of the skin and absorbs them. 

A 2018 study also proved that the participants of the study experienced a significant reduction of odor when they used activated charcoal, defending the claim that it can help to control underarm odor. 

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Benefits Of Charcoal Deodorants

When it comes to deodorants, we want the best for our underarms. What is the point of using it if it will not reduce sweating and odor? Here are the benefits of charcoal deodorants:

  1. It absorbs sweat -activated charcoal is very absorbent and is great at absorbing sweat. 
  2. It detoxes the skin– Activated charcoal draws dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and impurities out of the pores and absorbs them. 
  3. It is non-toxic– Unlike aluminum, charcoal is non-toxic. It will not block your pores or sweat glands and it is safe for the skin and the body. 
  4. It is non-irritating – Very few people experience any irritation from using charcoal on their skin. With good skin care and moisturization, activated charcoal is well tolerated on normal and sensitive skin. 

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Side Effect Of Charcoal Deodorants

The major but rare concern when using charcoal deodorants is irritation. 

Not many people have this problem but as with all topical treatments, it is always a possibility. 

If you notice that your skin breaks out into hives or becomes itchy and irritated, stop using the deodorant and wash your skin. Let your skin breathe and heal for a few days before trying again or changing your product. 

I always recommend doing a patch test on your skin before spreading any treatment all over. This goes for deodorants as well. Remember that your underarms are usually quite sensitive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does charcoal deodorant make you smell?

Activated Charcoal itself does not have a distinct smell. When used in deodorants, it will not leave a scent behind. 

Most deodorants with charcoal also have natural scents added that produce a pleasant odor. 

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What does Charcoal deodorant smell like?

How a charcoal deodorant will smell will depend on the brand that you are using. 

Some are unscented while others have natural scents added. A few common ones are lavender, sandalwood, coconut, and citrus. 

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Does Charcoal deodorant stain?

Most charcoal deodorants will not stain your clothes. However, you should still be cautious. 

I recommend that you choose one that goes on as sheer as possible. Let it sit and absorb into the skin for a while before putting on your clothes. You may also want to avoid wearing white if you can just to be safe. 

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Will charcoal deodorant darken your armpits?

Unless your skin breaks out from irritation, charcoal deodorants are not known to make your armpits darker. 

Instead, many believe that they may help to improve the appearance of darkness due to charcoal’s ability to detox the skin. 

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Best Charcoal Deodorants 

1- Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Charcoal & Magnesium

This deodorant is Ecocert Certified. It contains activated charcoal and magnesium to give you 24-hour odor protection.

This one is all-natural and contains no artificial fragrance. Instead, it features a crisp scent reminiscent of freshly fallen rain, made with essential oils. It can be used by both men and women.

Click here to see the price for Schmidt’s Charcoal and Magnesium on Amazon. 

2- Schmidt’s Activated Charcoal Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant

This deodorant is specially created for sensitive skin. It is aluminum and baking soda-free. It is also free of artificial fragrance. Here & Now features mellow, woodsy notes made with essential oils. It uses magnesium and activated charcoal to prevent sweat and odor. It can also be used by both men and women.

You can click here to see Schmidt’s Activated Charcoal Sensitive Skin on Amazon. 

3- Kopari Natural Deodorant

This deodorant formula is Aluminum and Baking Soda Free. The hypoallergenic formula was designed for women and is also non-irritating.

It contains coconut oil which is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial. This hydrates and soothes underarms while sage oil works to soothe sensitive and irritated skin.

The activated charcoal in this deodorant is driftwood-scented which gives it a woodsy, coconut scent. 

Click here to get the Kopari Natural Deodorant on Amazon. 

DIY Charcoal Deodorant Recipe

Charcoal Natural Deodorant


  • 1/4 cup shea butter  (this is a natural moisturizer)
  • 1/3 cup beeswax (natural moisturizer)
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil (natural moisturizer)
  • 1 cup arrowroot powder (thickens the mixture)
  • 20-25 drops of essential oil (any oil/s of your choice)
  • 1 tsp activated charcoal powder (the mixture should have a light grey color at the end. Add more or less charcoal powder as you prefer)


  1. In a mixing dish, combine the Shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil.
  2. Melt down the three using a double boil or hot water bath.
  3. Mix the melted ingredients until they are well combined.
  4. Add the charcoal to the mixture and stir it is well mixed in.
  5. Gradually add the arrowroot powder until all has been added. Mix until well combined.
  6. Add your essential oil to the mixture and mix well.
  7. Fill a glass jar with the mixture, seal it, and set it aside for an hour. You can also use an old but clean deodorant container.
  8. Consider chilling the combination if you’re in a warm location to prevent the melting of the coconut oil.
  9. Utilizing a beauty spatula or Popsicle stick, apply a pea-sized quantity to each underarm.
  10. Rub your underarms thoroughly with your fingertips.
  11. Store in a cool, dry place (refrigerator) to prevent it from melting. 

Video: Making Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant

This video is a guide for the recipe above but on a larger scale

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