Hand Sanitizer as Deodorant for Underarm Odor – Is it Safe

Hand Sanitizer as Deodorant for Underarm Odor - Is it Safe
Hand Sanitizer as Deodorant for Underarm Odor – Is it Safe

Hand sanitizer is a great way to disinfect your hands. Many of them are made of alcohol and ingredients that help to moisturize your hands again and even have scents. However, does this mean that you can use it as underarm deodorant?

Can You Safely Use Hand Sanitizer On Armpits

It is not recommended to use hand sanitizer on your armpits regularly.

While hand sanitizer can kill odor-causing bacteria, this is a short-term fix. 

You may use it once in a while if you are in a pinch and cannot get your hands on an antibacterial skin cleanser

However, continuously using hand sanitizer on the sensitive skin of your armpits can disrupt your skin’s pH balance and dry out the skin, damaging its natural moisture barrier. 

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Can Hand Sanitizer Get Rid Of Armpit Odor

Hand sanitizer can temporarily get rid of armpit odor, but it cannot be a permanent solution. 

Hand sanitizer will kill current odor-causing bacteria. However, if you constantly use it and it changes the pH and condition of your skin (damaging the moisture barrier and drying your skin out) it will result in cracks and injuries to the skin that will encourage more bacteria. 

This can lead to infections and other skin complications that will either worsen odor or make odor the least of your skin problems. 

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Can You Use Hand Sanitizer As Deodorant

You cannot use hand sanitizer as a deodorant. 

Even though some hand sanitizers are scented, they are not designed to be used as a deodorant. 

In fact, some of the compounds used to provide a scent may even react badly with the sensitive skin of your armpits.

Additionally, while alcohol can be good for cleaning the skin, it is beneficial at certain concentrations. The concentration in hand sanitizer is much too strong to be used every day as a deodorant. 

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Will Hand Sanitizer Stop You From Sweating

No. Hand sanitizer will not stop you from sweating. 

Hand sanitizer will not help to control sweating. It does not block your pores. Rather, it cleans them out. It will absorb into your skin and make the whole area of your skin dry (from the natural oils). You will, however, still sweat. 

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Risks Of Using Hand Sanitizer As Deodorant

The major risks of using hand sanitizer as a deodorant are the drying effects it will have on your skin and the possible adverse reactions (irritation and/or allergic reactions). 

Hand sanitizer is made with a strong concentration of alcohol that will leech the natural oils and moisture from your skin if used every day. Some people say that if you use it daily and moisturize your skin, you will be fine.

However, the concentration of alcohol in hand sanitizer versus regular skin care products is too much for your armpit skin. Using such a strong concentration of alcohol will dehydrate your skin and disrupt your mucus membrane and pH balance. 

On the other hand, such dryness can cause cracking and irritation in the skin which can lead to dermatitis and wounds in the skin. This can result in itching, darkening and rashes. It will also encourage infections. 

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Alternative Measures to Using Hand Sanitizer As Deodorant

If you have smelly armpits and need something stronger than regular deodorant to help with sweating, bacteria, and odor, there are a few things you can do and use to help. 

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To treat already present excessive armpit odor

You can: 

  1. Use antibacterial or germicidal soap
  2. Remove excess Armpit hair
  3. Remove or wash sweaty clothes immediately
  4. Take regular warm baths or showers
  5. Wear anti-odor and/ or sweat-proof garments
  6. Use extra-strength or prescription deodorant
  7. Use Essential Oils

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To prevent excess armpit odor

You should:

  1. Have a good armpit care routine
  2. Moisturize well and regularly
  3. Try to control underlying causes
  4. Adjust your diet
  5. Keep your armpits dry

There are also a few medical treatments you can consider as a last resort: 

  1. Topical antibiotics (or creams and gels containing antibiotics)
  2. Electrolysis (Electric Hair Removal)
  3. Botox
  4. Sweat Gland Removal Surgery

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Recommended Products To Help With Underarm Odor

1- T Thompson Tee Sweatproof Undershirt

The sweat-absorbing pads on this undershirt keep the armpits dry. It retains a sleek, dry appearance and does not appear bulky. It is safe for the washer and dryer and devoid of toxins and chemicals.

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2- Hibiclens Antimicrobial and Antiseptic Soap and Skin Cleanser

It is generally known that this soap is powerful against bacteria and germs and is frequently used by doctors in clinical settings.

Chlorhexidine gluconate, the major component, fights germs in the underarm area even after being wiped off. To get the most out of it, apply it twice every day.

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3- Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Antiperspirant

The main ingredient in this deodorant, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex, prevents sweat glands from generating perspiration. According to reports, it offers 48-hour odor and perspiration prevention.

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