How to Get Rid of Underarm Odor & Sweating Permanently

How To Get Rid Of Underarm Odor Permanently
How To Get Rid Of Underarm Odor & Sweating Permanently

Underarm odor and too much sweating in our pits is not to be underestimated. If you are suffering from it I don’t need to tell how terrible it can be.

Thankfully you can get help.

Can You Permanently Get Rid Of Underarm Odor & Excess Sweating

Yes, it is possible to permanently treat underarm odor and excessive sweating in the armpits. 

But how can this be done? The answer is to have our sweat glands permanently destroyed or removed. 

Don’t worry, it sounds scarier than it actually is. So let us discuss how this can be done and how it would affect us in the long run.

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These are not permanent fixes though, keep reading for those.

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What Causes Underarm Odor & How to Stop It Permanently

Before we jump into how you can permanently fix underarm odor, we need to understand what causes underarm odor.

Underarm odor is caused when the sweat produced from our sweat glands is mixed with bacteria. And our underarms tend to be a dark damp area and bacteria tend to thrive there.

Now if we remove these glands we can drastically reduce the amount of sweat produced and thus the amount of odor that is created.

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The Sweat Gland Removal Procedure

There are different ways that a doctor (usually a dermatological surgeon or plastic surgeon) can remove the sweat glands from your underarms. 

The least invasive surgical techniques are the ones that can be done in an office setting under local anesthesia (meaning that only the armpit area is numbed). They include:

  1. Liposuction 
  2. Curettage 
  3. Laser surgery

A more invasive technique, which needs to be done in an operating theater under general anesthesia (meaning you will be completely asleep) is Sympathectomy

Generally, sympathectomy is the very last resort and is only used if the patient has no other choice as it is a very invasive and complicated procedure. It involves damaging the nerves that control sweat gland activity from inside the chest cavity.

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Video of How to Permanently Get Rid of Underarm Odor & Sweating

1- Liposuction

This procedure uses liposuction to remove the sweat glands in your armpits. It is completely safe once done by a professional.

It uses the same principle and technique that is commonly used for removing excess fat.

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2- Curettage For Armpits

Curettage is a procedure where a special surgical instrument with a circular loop on the end is used to scrape out as many sweat glands as possible during curettage. Or at the very least, to injure the sweat gland sufficiently so that they stop functioning.

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3- Laser Surgery

Special lasers are used to directly target sweat glands which causes them to disintegrate. Afterwhich the body will naturally drain the destroyed cells of the sweat glands or your doctor may liposuction them out

Please note that it is no longer recommended that doctors excise (cut out) sweat glands. The removal of underarm tissue that contains the glands has been linked to scarring that can cause a range of motion problems for patients as the area heals. 

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Is Removing our Armpit Sweat Glands Safe

Yes, it is safe to remove the sweat glands from just our armpits. The function of our sweat glands is to produce sweat which helps to cool our body down.

But because the sweat glands in our armpits are just a few it won’t hinder our body’s cooling ability.

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Benefits & Risks Of Removing Underarm Sweat Glands


  • It is permanent
  • The results are immediate
  • Sweating and odor will disappear once healed


  • Risk of infection – like with all invasive techniques, there is a risk of developing an infection during the healing process
  • May experience some side effects after the procedure like redness, swelling, pain
  • Risk of overheating – sweat glands help us to keep our temperature under control. However, overheating is only a concern if you remove too many of your sweat glands. Just removing your underarm glands should not significantly affect your body’s ability to still cool itself down. 

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Who Can Get Their Sweat Glands Removed

Underarm sweat gland removal surgery is an option for anyone who has unsuccessfully tried other remedies for:

  • Excess sweating
  • Underarm odor

If you are pregnant, if you plan to get pregnant any time soon, or if you are breastfeeding, this procedure will not be a good idea for you.

Therefore, make sure to let your doctor know about any of these circumstances. 

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Who Should Do Your Underarm Sweat Gland Removal Procedure

Sweat gland removal can and should only be done by a trained, qualified, and certified dermatological surgeon or plastic surgeon. 

Remember to do your research about clinics, their experience, and any reviews that you can find to make sure you are being treated by someone who knows what they are doing. 

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