Best Whole-Body Deodorants – Benefits, Risks & How To Use

Best Whole-Body Deodorants - Benefits, Risks & How To Use
Best Whole-Body Deodorants – Benefits, Risks & How To Use

Is it necessary to use whole-body deodorants? How different are they from body lotions? Will they stop sweating? 

These are questions that I had when I first heard of whole-body deodorants, and I was not alone. Many people come across these kinds of products and want to try them but really have no idea why they should and even how they would benefit them. 

So let’s talk all about what whole-body deodorants are, what they do, and whether you need them or not. 

What Are Whole-Body Deodorants

As the name suggests, this is a kind of deodorant that can be applied anywhere on your body to absorb sweat and mask body odor. 

Some people use the term “deodorant” to also mean antiperspirant, but they are two very different things. 

Antiperspirants block your sweat ducts to stop you from sweating while deodorants only absorb some amount of sweat to keep you dry for a bit, and mask body odor. 

Some deodorants will contain sweat-absorbing ingredients and fragrance and some will also contain ingredients that help to kill bacteria and prevent their accumulation on the skin (which is what causes body odor in the first place). 

Whole-body deodorants are deodorants that are designed to be used under your arms, under your breasts, on your hands and feet, between your thighs, around your groin and private parts, on your butt and sometimes even between your butt cheeks! 

Basically, these can be used anywhere that you produce sweat. The aim is to reduce how much sweat is on your skin at all times and to mask any odor by layering your skin with a fragrance of some kind. 

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Benefits Of Whole-Body Deodorants

If you struggle with sweat and odor all over your body, then whole-body deodorants might be your friend. They: 

  • Helps to keep you dry for longer after your showers
  • Prevent odor-causing bacteria from building up
  • Keep you smelling fresh (or like a scent you want to smell like) for longer
  • Can help to prevent fungal infections that develop when your skin folds are constantly wet

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Do you really need whole-body deodorants?

To be quite honest, I do not believe that this is a product that everyone will need, and many skin experts agree with me. However, it can be useful for people who sweat excessively and can be used based on personal preference. 

What does all that even mean?

Well, what I’m saying is that if you sweat a little bit under your breasts, between your thighs, and other places (other than your underarms) and it truly makes you uncomfortable, you can use whole-body deodorants.

Especially if you do not have the time to hop in the shower more than once a day, but if you do not sweat that much, and your body odor is under control, you do not need them. A good shower and good hygiene are all you need to keep odor-causing bacteria at bay in the average person. 

On the other hand, if you sweat a lot, you have a lot of body odor, and you need odor protection even between your showers, then whole-body deodorant can be very useful for you.

You should also see a doctor to determine if your excess sweating and body odor are medical conditions that require treatment or whether any underlying conditions could be causing them. 

However, if you are going to try whole-body products, it might be better to use products that are also antiperspirants, but many of these are not designed to be used all over your body (especially around sensitive areas like your private parts). Instead, people turn to whole-body deodorants that are designed for general use for help, and some of them do a great job! 

So, whether you need to use whole-body deodorants will depend on how much sweat and odor protection you need, and your personal preference. 

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Side Effects Of Whole-Body Deodorants

Generally, aluminum-free deodorants contain sweat-absorbing ingredients that are gentle on the skin but sometimes, they can also contain ingredients that can cause irritation. 

The most common irritating ingredients found in aluminum-free deodorants are baking soda and essential oils (mainly used for fragrance). 

If you are choosing deodorants to use all over your body, and around sensitive areas (like your private parts), make sure that you check the ingredients list to make sure that you are not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in the product. 

As always, I recommend doing a patch test for a few days first to see how your skin will react before applying the product to large areas of your skin. 

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Can whole-body deodorants be safely used on your private parts? 

This will depend on the brand, but some whole-body deodorants are specifically designed to also be used around your private areas (for men and women). These are the ones that will be safe. 

Ensure that you read your labels and make sure that they clearly state that the product can be used around your private parts. 

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Can Whole-Body Deodorants be used on your face? 

This will depend on the brand, some whole-body deodorants are designed to be used on sensitive skin like your face and others are not.

So, before you apply your deodorant on your face, ensure that the label specifically states that you can. 

However, keep in mind that you do not need deodorant on your face. If you sweat a lot, what you might need is a facial antiperspirant (an unscented one is usually best). Remember that deodorants and antiperspirants are different things

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Best Brands Of Whole-Body Deodorants To Use

Each of these deodorants will have its own instructions for use, so ensure that you follow their directions properly!

1- Lume 

This is one of the most popular whole-body deodorants around today. I personally love this one because it is safe to use EVERYWHERE. Yes, that includes your private parts. It does not contain aluminum or baking soda but instead contains mandelic acid, arrowroot powder, and tapioca starch. 

Not only do they perform well, but they are great for sensitive skin. 

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Now, for your whole body, I recommend using the cream version of the Lume deodorant. 

You can Click here to see the Lume Deodorant Cream on Amazon. 

2- Secret

This is a brand that has been around forever and is one of those household names. You know what I mean. You probably had this brand in your bathroom cabinet in high school or your locker. 

Well, now they also have aluminum-free whole-body deodorants (keeping with the trend today!). I love the invisible cream. It’s super lightweight and easy to apply and it dries down wonderfully. It is also designed for use in all those sensitive areas (even your private parts) and it comes in scented and unscented options. 

Click here to see the invisible cream in the unscented.

And click here to see the peach & vanilla blossom options on Amazon.

They also have a spray version and a solid stick version available. 

Click here to see the whole body spray deodorant in the fresh lilac & waterlily scent.

A here for the peach & vanilla blossom scent.   

And, you can also click here to see the solid stick whole body deodorant in the:

3- Sweatblock

Sweatblock has two lines of products called Lady Parts and Man Parts (I kid you not). They include whole-body deodorant lotions that are designed to absorb moisture and deodorize all over the body including your private parts! 

Sweatblock is amazing when it comes to actually stopping sweat, but these aluminum-free deodorants are also pretty great. They contain tapioca starch instead. I also love that they have a nice line for the guys too! 

You can Click here to see the Lady Parts Deodorant Lotions on Amazon. 

And click here for their Man Parts Deodorant Lotions on Amazon. 

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