Lume Deodorant for Private Parts- Is it Safe & Best Scents

Lume Deodorant for Private Parts- Is it Safe & Best Scents 
Lume Deodorant for Private Parts- Is it Safe & Best Scents 

If you have been on the natural deodorant train, there is no way you have not heard about Lume deodorants. Now, what’s so special about this brand is that they make deodorants that can also be used on your private parts! 

I know, I know. You have many questions. Well, so did I. So I went shopping and researching. Let’s get those questions answered!

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Are Lume Deodorants Really Safe For Private Parts

According to the company, Lume deodorants were created by an OB/GYN doctor who focused on making a deodorant safe for external use on private parts. 

This means that you can use Lume Deodorants externally around your vagina (on the vulva) and around the base of your penis.

It is not designed to be used inside the vagina or on the penis itself as it can mess with the pH of the sensitive skin in those areas. 

But does this mean that it is safe? Most doctors will recommend avoiding scented products on your nether regions and there are reasons why. Watch the video below to see Dr. Dray explain this. 

Now keep in mind that Lume does have an unscented option in their product line-up, which can be used!

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How To Apply Lume Deodorants To Your Private Parts

You can use either the deodorant cream or the solid stick on your private parts. The application will differ a little but is super simple in either case. 

To start, be sure your skin is not wet or damp when you apply. If you’ve just showered, you’ll want to make sure you’ve toweled off completely and are applying to totally dry skin.

Cream Deodorant

  1. Use a pea-sized amount or less and rub it into the skin like a lotion. 
  1. If you are female, apply it to the external skin of the vulva, the crease between your vulva and thighs, and your inner thighs. 
  1. If you are male, take a pea-sized amount of the cream and apply it on the skin around the base of your penis, between the folds of the legs, and work back to the space between the scrotum and rectum. 
  1. The last area you should apply the cream, in either case, is between your butt cheeks. You do this last to avoid transferring any bacteria that can cause UTIs or yeast infections from the back to the front. Simply sweep back between the butt cheeks and up to the tailbone. Do not drag your fingers back towards the front. 

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Solid Stick Deodorant

The solid stick deodorant was designed to be best suited for underarms when it comes to applications. It can still be used on the privates, but it might be a little tricky. I recommend (and so does Lume) swiping some of the product off the top of the solid stick and using your fingers to apply it, which makes it easier. 

However, if you choose to just use the stick, I recommend using a different one for your underarms and elsewhere. Keep one specific stick solely for your private parts. 

Vulva Application – Working front-to-back (never work back-to-front due to increased risk for urinary tract infections), apply to the clitoral hood & labia majora (not inside the vagina or around the urethra), continue back further to the perineum (the space between the rectum and vaginal opening), and sweep up between the butt cheeks to the tailbone.

Penis Application – Apply around the base of the penis and between the folds of the legs, work back to the space between the scrotum and rectum, and finally sweep back between the butt cheeks and up to the tailbone.

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Can you put Lume over pubic hair?

Lume deodorants will absorb into the skin so they will not affect your pubic hair or make it uncomfortable for you. 

However, how much of the product will reach your skin will be affected by how much pubic hair you have. If you have too much and it is thick, most of the product will remain on the hair and not on the skin. 

If you are not a shaver or waxer, we recommend keeping your pubic hair trimmed reasonably so that the product can get through to your skin. 


You may only need to apply a few times a week to private parts, even with regular showers, however, you’ll want to experiment and find a routine that’s perfect for you!

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Side Effects Of Using Lume Deodorants On Private Parts

Even though Lume is a natural deodorant, on sensitive skin, especially private parts, irritation is always a possibility. 

Now, generally, most doctors will tell you to avoid using scented products on your private parts. Products with strong scents and complicated ingredients can cause rashes and even chronic irritation. 

However, not everyone is affected the same way and some people can use small amounts of gently scented products on the outsides of their private parts. Or, you can choose the safest bet and use their unscented option!

Lume recommends using small amounts of the product at a time. A little goes a long way. According to them, for the cream deodorants, a pea-sized amount is perfect. For the solid stick, 2-3 swipes should do the trick. However, in my opinion, the less you can use, the better!

Too much on the skin at once can cause irritation, especially if you have very sensitive skin. 

Keep in mind that Lume also contains mandelic acid, tapioca starch, and fragrance (there is an unscented option too), as well as other ingredients. If you are sensitive or allergic to any of these ingredients, you should not use Lume deodorants, especially on or around your private parts. 

Be sure to check the ingredients list of each product and always do a patch test!

Best Lume Scents For Private Parts

I would recommend using the unscented option since this is the safest and least likely to have an adverse reaction. However, ultimately, the best Lume scents for private parts (or any part really) will depend on personal experience, taste, and how long-lasting it is (which can vary).

You can click here to see Lume’s Unscented Deodorant Lotion.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. If you’re trying to get rid of body odor, why would you use an unscented natural deodorant? And you have a point. 

However, generally, your private parts do not give off a problematic odor unless you have an infection of some sort. Other scents that you might get could be due to sweat, bacteria on the skin, not showering regularly enough, or poor hygiene. 

On the other hand, if you have an infection, you will need to see an OB/GYN, a dermatologist, or a urologist to get that treated, which will help the odor. 

If your odor is being caused by sweat or poor hygiene, then a change in routine will help. Additionally, if you think you really need it, an unscented natural deodorant that controls sweat and bacteria on the skin can also lessen odor without causing irritation or messing with the pH of the skin down there. 

Based On My Experience & Others With Lume

I prefer to use the unscented option of Lume because not only am I sensitive to strong fragrances but I also strongly believe (based on my medical experience) that you should not be using highly scented products on or around your private parts.

However, this is my preference. Other people may be perfectly fine with the external use of gentle scents down there. 

Lume Scent For Men

If you are male, I believe that you would prefer the Fresh Alpine scent. That one is more fresher, woodsy, and crispier. The other scents are more fruity and floral, which tend to be more associated with female preferences. However, if floral and fruity are your things, then by all means, do you, boo! 

You can click here to see the Fresh Alpine Scented on Amazon.

Lume Scent for Women

Now, for the ladies. There are different scents to choose from but the most popular one among the masses was Lavender Sage. That is a definite floral scent and according to many reviews, it lasts all day on the skin. A little also goes a very long way, so you only need a small amount. 

You can click here to see the Lavender Sage Scented Lume on Amazon.

The Bottom Line

So, what’s the bottom line here? Are Lume deodorants the next best thing for private part odor?

I would say they have merit. 

I don’t encourage the use of strongly scented products on your nether regions, but if you do have a body odor problem down there, the unscented option (or a very small amount of the scented ones if your skin agrees with it) can potentially help. 

Of course, I do recommend first taking a look at your skincare routine and making a few changes there as well. Also, if you think you have an infection, I suggest that you see a doctor. 

Based on my experience and the experience of many others, Lume deodorants do what they claim. But, in my opinion, the strongly scented ones might not be the best for your private parts. I recommend the unscented one. However, others have used the scented ones and have liked them. 

Of course, how well they will work will depend on how you use them, how bad your odor is, the cause of your odor, and your skin’s reaction. 

But, if all these factors line up, and you figure out a routine that works for you, Lume Deodorants can be a nice addition to your skincare routine (if you need them). 

Where To Buy Lume Deodorants

Lume Deodorants can be purchased from most pharmacies and local supermarkets. It can also be purchased online from Amazon, Walmart, and other online stores. 

1-Lume Solid Deodorant Stick – click here to see it on Amazon. 

2- Lume Deodorant Cream Stick – click here to check it out on Amazon.

3- Lume Deodorant Cream Tube – click here to see the price on Amazon. 

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