Anhydrol Forte Review- How Effective Is It & Side Effects

Anhydrol Forte Review- How Effective Is It & Side Effects
Anhydrol Forte Review- How Effective Is It & Side Effects

Anhydrol Forte is an antiperspirant product that was designed specifically to stop excessive sweating on the armpits, hands and feet. 

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) can have different causes for different people. But the one thing they all have in common is that they want it to stop. 

How Anhydrol Forte Works

Anhydrol Forte has a very basic formula which contains 20% Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (active ingredient) and industrial methylated spirit. 

Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate is one of the most effective forms of aluminum used to effectively stop excessive sweating. When applied to the skin, it forms a plug in the pores connected to the sweat ducts which blocks the sweat from coming through. Eventually, your sweat glands stop producing so much sweat. 

The industrial methylated spirit is used as a preservative to keep the product microbe-free and skin-safe. 

Keep in mind that Anhydrol Forte is specifically just to block the sweat glands where it is applied. It contains no other skincare ingredients so it will not soften, condition, soothe or treat your skin. You will need to still practice good skincare when using it. 

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How Effective Anhydrol Forte Is

Anhydrol Forte works very well for most people who experience excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). It stops up to 90% of sweat production and lasts about 5-7 days between applications. 

However, because of how strong it is and its lack of other skin-friendly ingredients, it is not recommended for use unless you really need it. It can irritate the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin or if you have never used it before. 

But most doctors and skincare professionals recommend it for their patients and clients who need extra-strength sweat production under their arms, and on the hands and feet. 

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Our Experience

We had the guys here at Sasily try Anhyrol Forte and they gave it a 4.5/5 rating for effectiveness. 

They applied it to their feet and armpits. Then they went about their days doing outdoor guy things (in the sun and heat), working out, and even taking a camping trip. 

A few of them did get some itching and burning with the first few applications, but after their skin got used to the product and it started to work, the side effects went away. 

Their sweat protection was pretty good. It took them about 2-3 nights of consecutive application for them to see a change in sweat production (for it to visibly block sweat). And, between the 3  of them, it lasted about 5 days on average before they needed to reapply. 

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How To Use Anhydrol Forte

Anhydrol Forte can be used by adults, children and the elderly. Follow the instructions on the product leaflet exactly for the best results. Here are the leaflet instructions:

  1. Use only on the armpits, hands or feet.
  1. Ensure that the treated areas are completely dry before applying the product. To achieve this do not bathe or shower immediately before applying the product,
  1. Apply it last thing at night, just before going to bed (this is because your sweat glands tend to be least active while you are asleep).
  1. Before applying the product, ensure the cap is screwed on tightly, then tip the bottle up to wet the roller ball. Do not shake the bottle.
  1. Unscrew the cap and apply the product to the affected areas, as required.
  1. Allow the product to dry naturally (this should only take a couple of minutes), then wash the hands (unless treating them).
  1. Leave the product on overnight, then wash it off thoroughly in the morning.
  1. Initially, apply Anhydrol Forte overnight in this way for two nights in a row, then do not use the product for the next two nights.
  1. Repeat this two-night treatment cycle for as long as necessary.
  1. Increase or decrease the frequency of application to suit your own requirements (but bear in mind that if you experience side effects this probably means that you are applying it too often). 

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Will you need to use ordinary antiperspirants or deodorants too?

The use of ordinary antiperspirants or deodorants is not necessary when using Anhydrol Forte. However, if you still wish to use these types of products, you should either:

  • Apply them only on the days in between, when you are not using Anhydrol Forte, or;
  • Apply them after washing off Anhydrol Forte the next morning, making sure that all antiperspirants and deodorants are washed off and the skin is completely dry before re-applying Anhydrol Forte.

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Is Anhydrol Forte Safe

Unless you are allergic to aluminum, or your skin is easily irritated by aluminum or methylated spirit, then Anhydrol Forte is safe to use as directed. 

While many people are concerned that using strong antiperspirants on their skin can cause long-term illnesses like cancer through absorption, many studies have proven that more than 98% of the aluminum applied to the skin remains on the external surface and is gradually washed off as you shower every day. 

The small amount that is absorbed through the skin is too minimal to cause any significant cellular or systemic changes or cancer, even if applied every day. In fact, in many cases, the food that we eat every day delivers more aluminum to our bodies internally than our antiperspirants. 

However, even as the experts agree that topical aluminum use is safe, more and more studies are being done to truly understand the scope of long-term aluminum use in antiperspirants. 

So, rest assured that Anhydrol Forte will not cause cancer or any systemic long-term illnesses when applied as directed. 

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Possible Side Effects Of Anhydrol Forte

Like all topical treatments, Anhydrol Forte can cause side effects in some people. A common reaction is skin irritation and redness at the site of application. 

This is normally mild and temporary. However, if it becomes unbearable, try applying the product less often, or you may need to apply a mild hydrocortisone cream to help relieve itching and irritation.

Important Note: Anhydrol Forte may cause damage if it gets into the eyes or mouth. Rinse the eyes or mouth with plenty of water. If rinsing one eye, take care to avoid washing the product into the other eye. Then seek urgent hospital attention.

Where To Buy Anhydrol Forte

Anhydrol Forte can be bought online from various pharmacies, Amazon (when in stock) or it can be procured from your doctor’s office.

Click here to see Anhydrol Fort on Chemist Direct

Click here to see Anhydrol Forte on the Oxford Online Pharmacy

Anhydrol Forte Alternatives

Some great alternatives for Anhydrol Forte are:

  1. Odaban – Click here to read all about Odaban Spray: Is it Effective, Safe & What to Expect
  2. Driclor – Click here to read all about Driclor: How it Works, How to Use & What to Expect
  3. Perspirex – Click here to read all about Perspirex: How to Use, Effectiveness, Risks & Side Effects

Anhydrol Forte vs Driclor

Both Anhydrol Forte and Driclor work in the same way and contain the same active ingredient. The difference is that some people’s skin seems to tolerate one better than the other. It will vary for different people. However, both seem to be just as effective. 

They both contain 20% Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate. The only difference in the formula is that Driclor contains purified water as well as ethanol, whereas Anhydrol Forte contains methylated spirit but does not contain any water. 

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