Odaban Spray: Is it Effective, Safe & What to Expect

Odaban Spray Is it Effective, Safe & What to Expect
Odaban Spray Is it Effective, Safe & What to Expect

Odaban is an antiperspirant company that makes products to help with excessive sweating and odor. Today, we will talk about the Odaban Spray. 

How does it work? What is it made of? Is it effective? Is it safe? Does it have side effects? Let’s answer all your questions. 

How Odaban Spray Works

Odaban spray’s main ingredient is Aluminum chloride which reacts with water in your skin to create temporary plugs in your pores and sweat ducts. This prevents sweat from pouring through your pores, which indirectly helps to prevent odor as well. 

Remember that odor is caused when the bacteria on your skin react with sweat, dirt, and other skin impurities, which causes the bacteria to grow and grow. Therefore, less sweat means fewer bacteria and less odor. 

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How To Use Odaban Spray

  1. Odaban should only be used at night. 
  2. Cleanse your skin and make sure it is completely dry. 
  3. Spray Odaban on the target area (you only need one or two sprays in one area)
  4. Allow the area to dry completely and then go to bed. 
  5. In the morning, wash your skin as normal with soap and water. 
  6. Apply your regular skincare and go about your day. 
  7. After the initial application every night for a few nights, you will only need to use Odaban Spray 1-2 times per week for maintenance. 
  8. You can also use Odaban spray on your face, torso, back, behind your knees, hands, and feet. 
  9. Do not use Odaban Spray in your groin area or on your private parts and avoid getting it into your eyes, ears, nose or mouth. 
  10. If you are using it on your face or other sensitive areas, spray it onto a cotton pad and then apply it to the area. Do not pray directly into your face. 

Important Note: You may need several applications of Odaban Spray before you get full sweat protection. It will take a few nights for your pores and sweat ducts to be sufficiently blocked.

However, generally, after about 5-6 applications, you should see at least a 90-100% reduction in daytime sweating. This will, of course, depend on just how much you sweat. 

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Effectiveness Of Odaban Spray

This works great to stop sweat in its tracks but it might not be for those with sensitive skin. 

While I am not a massive sweater, there are days, especially in the hot summer or during intense workout sessions when I seem to sweat like a flowing river (at least to me!). It makes me feel so physically uncomfortable and self-conscious!

So, I decided to give Odaban a try, since it can be used almost anywhere on the body. 

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My skin’s experience with the formula

You will want to be cautious and consider the smell, use, and side effects. 

The first thing I should tell you is that even though this is fragrance-free (meaning it has no added fragrance), it has a strong chemical smell. If you do not like chemical smells, you will not like this. If you can get over the smell, it eventually goes away as the product dries down. 

The second thing is that if your skin is even a little wet or you have even a little sweat in that area, you will get some itching and tingling. So, for it to work properly and to avoid side effects, follow the instructions and make sure that your skin is completely dry! 

The third thing is that if you spray too much of this on one area of the skin, you will get some stinging and burning. If you have sensitive skin, I do not recommend using this. And if you have normal skin, I suggest sticking to just one spritz in an area. The nozzle is wide-ranged so it sprays diffusely. 

Sweat Protection Experience

Now, if you can get the hang of these three things, the results are totally worth it. I kid you not – you will be as dry as the Sahara during the drought season.

Being an average sweater, it kept my underarms, back and torse super dry throughout some long, hot days, and some intense workout sessions. But I decided to kick it up a notch and really put Odaban through the wringer by working up as much sweat as I could. 

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis or you sweat a bit more than the average person, this will work great for you. Thousands of reviewers who deal with excess sweating say that this works wonders for them. However, many others also could not manage the side effects. So, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to try this cautiously!

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Is Odaban Antiperspirant Spray Safe?

Yes. Apart from the possibility of topical side effects, Odaban Spray is quite safe to use.

The formula contains three basic ingredients (keep reading to learn more) in concentrations that are non-toxic to the body. It will not cause any systemic illnesses, cancers, or other health-related conditions from daily use. 

Odaban Spray can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding (although I do recommend clearing this with your doctor first). 

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Odaban Spray has three basic ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, PEG-12 Dimethicone, and Aluminum Chloride 20%. 

While this does not contain a skincare system per se, Dimethicone is a skin conditioning agent that will soften the skin. 

The 20% Aluminum Chloride will block the sweat ducts and pores to prevent sweating. 

The denatured alcohol is what makes the product quick-drying so that you can go about your day without that slick, greasy feeling. 

Side Effects Of Odaban Spray

Based on my experience and the experience of others, the possible side effects of Odaban Spray are irritation and allergic reactions. 

Since the formula is so basic, there is very little in it to cause allergic reactions. However, some people can be allergic to dimethicone and other silicone derivatives, or they can be allergic to or easily irritated by aluminum. If you have a known allergy or sensitivity to either of these ingredients, then you should not use Odaban Spray. 

On the other hand, also because of the basic formula, Odaban spray can easily irritate the skin, especially for first-time users and those who have extra sensitive skin. It does not contain added ingredients to soothe or calm the skin or help to manage irritation. It strictly targets sweat protection alone. 

So, if you experience side effects like itching, burning or stinging, rashes, bumps, redness, swelling and/or pain on or around the area where you used the spray, you could be having an allergic reaction or your skin could be irritated. 

Difference between Irritation vs. Allergic Reaction

So how do you spot if your skin is just being irritated versus a clear allergic reaction.

Irritation will tend to happen after your first use and will get worse as you continue. If you can manage the side effects by changing how you use the product and your skincare afterward, then you can potentially find a balance where you can still use the spray. 

However, an allergic reaction will occur after the second or third use, or even after a few uses. You cannot continue to use the spray if you are allergic to something in the formula.

As always, I recommend that you patch-test this product on your skin before using it on big or sensitive areas. And always remember to follow your instinct. If it feels wrong on your skin, stop using it and seek professional help, especially if side effects become unmanageable. 

Where To Buy Odaban Spray

Odaban Spray can be easily bought in pharmacies and stores nationwide, or even more easily on Amazon. 

You can Click here to check out Odaban Spray on Amazon. 

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